How to use 20 volume developer to lighten hair

You are sick and tired of your black and traditional hair, aren’t you? It is high time for you to get to know about hair developer – a must-have item to lighten your hair. One of the popular developers in the market is the 20 volume developer to lighten hair.

What is special about this type and how is it different from 10 volume developer and 30 volume developer which all have been explained in our previous blog posts? All these questions will be fully answered in today’s discussion. Just stay tuned and get ready to update your domains about hair developers!

Description of 20 volume developer to lighten hair

Before directly getting to know about 20 volume developer to lighten hair, we had better browse through the definition of hair developer and its benefits to your hair. Once you get foundational knowledge, you will make good use of it. 

What are hair developer and its benefits to your hair?

Hair developer has been a salon mainstay for ages. It all contains a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is available in both liquid and cream form. Previously, it was said that liquid developers were better for gray coverage and cream products excelled at conditioning. However, it is just the old-school way of thinking because most hair developers today are in cream format.

20 volume developer to lighten hair
These days, hair developers have gained much more popularity in the beauty lover community. (Source: Internet)

It was not until 1867 that this oxidant element was adopted as a bleaching agent (( 2020. Hydrogen Peroxide. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020].)). As we mentioned in other blog posts, chemical processes are not good for our hair but as long as they are under strict control, they can be utilized to facilitate hair styling. 

It is not pompous to say there is no substitute for hair developer if you want to lighten or darken your strands. However, hair developers contain just a low level of hydrogen peroxide. For example, 20 volume developer to lighten hair has only 6% of H2O2. There are stabilizers, surfactants, thickening agents, water, and solvents inside the bottle. They combine to form a relatively unstable mixture that is sensitive to sunlight and easily gets contaminated. 

What is 20 volume developer to lighten hair?

20 volume developer to lighten hair
A sample of 20 volume developer to lighten hair (Source: Internet)

Once you shop for a hair developer, customer service staff will definitely ask you to choose your favorite type. If you are a newcomer in this color universe, lucky you because this part will help you to make a wiser decision. 

Hair developer has several degrees to which you can lighten or darken your hair. The weakest one is 10 volume or 3% peroxide developer and normally, 3% in the developer helps to achieve 1 degree of lightening. 

So, with 6% peroxide, colorists can get 2 degrees of lightening. In other words, the developer lifts your hair color by one or two levels depending on the amount you apply. How it works is similar to how 10 volume developer does in that they all open the hair cuticles in order that the color can penetrate into the strands. 

20 volume developer to lighten hair
On the journey to get balayage: before and after using 20 volume developer to lighten hair (Source: Internet)

What does 20 volume developer do?

+ Work with hair color

It is said that 20 volume developer is the most common force of hair developer in the current market. Whenever you ask for a chemical product to lighten hair, it should be named in the top list as colorists can utilize it with both temporary color and permanent dye

Temporary color

According to Wikipedia, temporary color has pigments that are high molecular weight. Therefore, they cannot penetrate the hair cuticles and the color particles persist on the surface of the hair shaft. You can easily remove it by a single shampooing. (( 2020. Hair Coloring. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020].))

20 volume developer to lighten hair
Here are several types of temporary color you may shop for (Source: Internet)

How can it be mixed with 20 volume developer to lighten hair? In fact, for temporary color, 20 vol and 30 vol are all considered as weaker developers. The mixture helps to deliver the color to the outer part of the hair and it works as a coat to your hair for a quite short period of time. 

Permanent dye

On the contrary to temporary color, permanent dye permanently changes the color of your natural strands. It only disappears when you remove it with specially designed products such as baking soda and vinegar. 

When permanent hair color is mixed with a developer and applied to your head, it enables you to open hair cuticles and let the dye penetrate deep inside. For a while, the cuticles reseal so that the color cannot escape and you can keep your favorite color for a longer time.

+ Work with bleaching and toning

Second, you can use 20 volume developer with bleach to lighten the hair. We are sure that you can get natural blonde in a much gentler fashion. From my personal experience, the naturally dark brown hair of mine got to a level 10 blonde after 4 rounds of bleaching with Salon Care 20 volume crème developer. 

20 volume developer to lighten hair
This Disney princess look is amazing, right? (Source: Internet)

How about toning hair? As we have mentioned, 20 volume developer is mainly in charge of lifting hair color; hence, it can’t be used to tone dark hair. It is the best to tone light colors like platinum and pale blonde. For instance, your base is in a light ash blonde extra light golden blonde or platinum blonde, then a silver-grey, golden or purple toner is highly recommended. 

It is also important that you follow the standard ratio to get the best results. Remember that 2:1 is the standard ratio in that you take two parts of the developer and one part of toner. If you use the wrong ratio, it is a waste of time and money, let alone possible damages to your natural strands. Be cautious to tone your hair with the correct ratio!

+ Cover gray hair

As you may read in this blog post, 10 volume developer to lighten hair((Beauty, J., 2020. 10 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair – All Information By 2020. [online] Jamm Beauty. Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020].)) is suitable for grey hair coverage if the amount of grey hair is about 25% or less. However, if you have more than 50% grey hair, it is time to use 20 volume developer to ensure 100% gray coverage. There is no replacement to darken hair in this case!

20 volume developer to lighten hair
You can refer to this table to know more about % of white hair and recommended tones (Source: Internet)

When it comes to gray coverage by 20 volume developer to lighten hair, the vital step is to decide how much base you should add. Please follow the following information to have a feasible solution to your client’s white strands. 

  • 50% grey hair: mix 50% of base with 50% of the desired color
  • 75% grey hair: mix 75% of base with 25% of the desired color
  • 100% grey hair: base color only

You should also take your client’s hair quality into consideration because some are just easier to cover than others. Therefore, you can totally vary this rule after feeling the hair and working out what is best. 

The difference between 30 and 20 volume developer to lighten hair

Whatever you choose to do, just do not play with your hair. You will never know how messy and panicking you can be if you decide everything on your own without a strong awareness of things and professional pieces of advice. Therefore, to put you under the smallest risks possible for your hair, we will give you a basic understanding of the difference between two types. 

Any hair developer can be similar in the way of applying but they are all different in the benefits they can bring about. 30 or 20 volume is to show the content of hydrogen peroxide. The higher the volume is, the more damages you cause to your hair fibers. It is the ugly truth you should admit. 

20 volume developer to lighten hair

20 volume developer to lighten hair
This is what you get with 6% peroxide developer (Source: Internet)

If you have the same desire as the girl in the picture above, then 20 vol is for you. By this, we mean you do not want to lighten the color too much and all you want is just two or three tones. Moreover, 6% peroxide developer works well in light brown hair. 

As the volume is lower, it is also safer and causes fewer damages. Therefore, you can do it on your own at home just after reading carefully all the related information. In general, 10 and 20 volume developer to lighten hair is a good option to try if you are a newcomer. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

20 volume developer to lighten hair
Are you deeply immersed in this gorgeous look? (Source: Internet)

If you want to make further inquiries about 6% peroxide, we have a full and detailed post here (dẫn link bài 30 volume developer). It helps you to lighten hair color by three or four tones and it is safe to use. 

We can say that 30 vol developer will not bring about serious damages to your hair under the following factors including, but not limited to

  • The applied hair is virgin hair that has not suffered from any prior chemical processes. It works better and safer on fine hair and coarse hair.
  • It is too high for high color, which leads to unnecessary lightening and painful damages. In fact, 6% peroxide is specially designed for hair at the darkest levels. 
  • You leave it in the hair for more than 30 minutes. This runs the risk of inactive color and irritating scalp. The place of this volume developer is also crucial. To be more specific, you should leave it 1 inch off the scalp to avoid the itchy scalp. 

These are common cases you may meet when you use 30 volume developer. When compared to 20 volume developer to lighten hair, the latter seems to be more dangerous to use. However, under proper instruction on how to use it, your sufferings will be paid off because thanks to its strong level, you can immediately achieve gorgeous hair colors and styles of celebrities. 

Can I use 20 volume developer to lighten hair at home and by myself?

You can literally do everything by yourself if you do it with care and it is not an exception with 20 vol developer. Let’s get started with mixing the color and conditioner at the ratio 1:3 and as we said, try to make it right and just enough to saturate your hair. 

Next, gently wash your strands with shampoo and dry them. After that, apply Vaseline or any kind of hair protector that you are using to avoid color staining. Then you add color to the roots and saturate the hair evenly. 

Leave it about 15 to 40 minutes depending on the product that you buy. You can cover your head with a shower cap during that time. When the time passes, wash your hair well and do not use any heat source. 

There are the instructions you can easily follow and it causes little harm to your natural strands because we do not add bleaching in the process. All you want is to lighten hải just a few shades and you should avoid bleaching as much as possible. 

When does 20 volume developer to lighten hair expire?

Any kind of hair developer has its expiry date and so does 20 volume developer. It can go bad and lose effectiveness after 12 months of opening; therefore, it should be used within a year. Always remember to check the product specifications carefully before using it. 

To get the most from 20 volume developer, you should keep it away from heat, sunlight, extremely cold weather, etc. In addition, you had better replace the lid often to avoid mold growth. Once you mix it with color or bleach, do not store and just discard the mixture safely and carefully. 

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