Everything about 30 volume developer to lighten hair

Usually, when you are seeking a new look to refresh the old version of yours, you may take much notice of hair color and spend more time thinking it over. Little do you know that hair developer is as essential as its big brother in the whole process. Today’s blog post will help you clear up this fact and briefly introduce 30 volume developer to lighten hair for you.

To choose the right volume developer is one of the decisive steps to achieve your desired appearance. Therefore, you had better learn as much as possible about developers. You can refer to suggested blogs for more information and draw your own comparison among these types. 

Now, welcome you to a new term “hair developer” and find out what 30 volume developer can bring about!

What is hair developer, and what does it do?

It will be too rude to newcomers if we directly tell you what 30 volume developer to lighten hair is. We understand that some of you have just been interested in hair coloring and maybe this is the first time you have tried to know more about it. Therefore, just keep calm and follow us to be your own hair guru gradually. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
Have you ever seen one of them in hair salons? (Source: Internet)

Did you try to look it up in the dictionary to see what “developer” means? If yes, you may remember the third definition – a chemical substance that is used for developing photographs from a film. So, what is it related to hair and coloring?

((Oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com. 2020. Developer Noun – Definition, Pictures, Pronunciation, And Usage Notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary At Oxfordlearnersdictionaries.Com. [online] Available at: <https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/developer?q=developer> [Accessed 3 May 2020].))

In fact, hair developer contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is considered one of the most common chemicals included in hair dyes, accompanied by ammonia, lead acetates, and PPDA. ((Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic. 2020. Hair Dye Safety: What You Need To Know About Salon And Box Color. [online] Available at: <https://health.clevelandclinic.org/hair-dye-safety-what-you-need-to-know-about-salon-and-box-color/> [Accessed 3 May 2020].)). The standard amount of H2O2 helps to open the cuticle layer of your hair, and depending on the strength, the cuticle may lift more or less. 

So, any hair developer, including 30 volume developer to lighten hair, acts as an activator and if it were not for it, hair dye would not take effect. The reason is much simpler because, without them, hair dye cannot penetrate the hair shaft and turn permanent or at least leave there for days. 

Hair developer with hydrogen peroxide inside can be damaging if you do not follow proper instructions because, in the end, it is a harsh chemical agent. Therefore, if you feel that your strands cannot stand and colorists prove so, you may resort to ammonia-free hair dye, temporary hair color, or henna hair dye. However, from my personal experience, it was less permanent and did not bring about the final result that I really longed for. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
This is henna hair dye you may like if your hair is not resistant to peroxide (Source: Internet)

What is 30 volume developer to lighten hair?

On the way to get your necessary hair developer, you may see a variety of volumes of developers at the store. 5 years ago, there were only 4 volumes of developers, including 10 vol, 20 vol, 30 vol, and 40 vol. Things have changed now and you may be lost in 17 types of volumes out there. 

The volume of the developer produces different results on your hair and tint that it is blended with. The four popular types should be from 10 to 40. It is rumored that 50 and 60 volumes do exist but we have not had a chance to see and use it. If you happen to locate these, remember they are used for high-lift tints, and they are powerful. 

((Beauty, J., 2020. Hair To Dye For. [online] Google Books. Available at: <https://books.google.com.vn/books?id=V-i_gLH0tmsC&pg=PA11&lpg=PA11&dq=developer+has+volume&source=bl&ots=0_mCrQLVJ1&sig=ACfU3U2YUy_YzKovdSw05ekkoIbhDgm5-Q&hl=vi&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjlkKPEgf_oAhVS-2EKHTQEC5oQ6AEwAHoECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=developer%20has%20volume&f=false> [Accessed 3 May 2020].))

So, what is the volume of hair developer? It literally shows the amount of hydrogen peroxide inside a bottle. For example, 10 vol developer is also called 3% peroxide, 20 vol developer has 6% peroxide, 30 volume developer to lighten hair include 9% peroxide, and so forth. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
This is L’Oreal Oreor crème 30 volume developer in this category (Source: Internet)

30 volume developer is considered a medium-lift developer who is a bit stronger and gives you lighter and more intense hair color than its brothers – 10 and 20 vol. How it works is similar to that of 20 volume developer, but it lightens the original hair color by two to three. It works well, especially when the wanted hair color is no more than two levels lighter. 

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30 volume developer to lighten hair
Before and after using blonde with the developer to lighten hair and get blonde balayage  (Source: Internet)

You should choose this type if you are looking for a developer, mainly working on a lighter and deeper color because it allows more pigment to penetrate strands. You can also utilize it on the scalp both for blonde formulas levels 6 to 10 and for highlights. 

Is 30 volume developer to lighten hair terrible for your hair?

Coloring hair has increasingly become the trend of the decade. Therefore, hair developer gradually gains much more concern than ever before. One of the major concerns is if it is safe to use. The answer is that hair developer does not do much damage, especially 10 vol and 20 vol.

However, when it comes to 30 volume developer to lighten hair, the answer is yes and no. No, if you do not wash, heat or style your hair and if you use it under detailed instructions and on healthy hair. Yes, if you violate one of the following cases:

The applied hair is pre-lightened and chemically processed.

When the volume is too low, your hair may not get as light as you desired, and you may feel a bit disappointed, which is fine. However, if the chemical is too strong, it can cause burns when touching the scalp. 

Therefore, just apply 30 volume developer on healthy virgin hair for three levels of lift, on beautiful hair for three levels of lift and coarse hair for two levels of lift. Do it carefully, and there will be no severe damage at all. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
Virgin hair – the hair you were born with (Source: Internet)

Use 30 volume developer to lighten hair which is already light.

30 volume developer to lighten hair
The journey to change brown hair to blonde hair with 30 volume developer to lighten hair (Source: Internet)

30 volume developer is a medium-lift for three levels, from 4 – brown to 7 – blonde, for example. Therefore, it can’t be used for light hair and please remember that 9% peroxide developer is specially designed for hair which is at the darkest levels. If your hair ranges from level 3 to the most mysterious level 1, then 30 volume developer to lighten hair is a perfect choice. 

The hair developer is placed at the wrong distance.

From our personal experience, 9% peroxide developer is so reliable that it can cause some irritation; thus, it should not be used directly on the scalp. Instead, you need to leave it 1 inch off the scalp. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
When 30 volume developer is appropriately used, there is little chance of getting damaged. (Source: Internet)

You leave it in the hair in more than 30 minutes.

As we have analyzed, you can see that 30 volume developer to lighten hair is not the right choice if you want to achieve the highest lightness levels from level 8 to level 10. However, the color is inactive even though your desired hair is just level 7 – blonde in the photo above. 

The answer is your time of application. If you leave it there for more than 30 minutes, this will render the color inactive. Please note this during your performance!

In short, 30 volume developer is terrible for your hair if you misuse it and without careful instructions. Otherwise, you can achieve your wanted look without suffering from any harm. Just believe us and enjoy your trip to the color universe!

How to lift hair color without damage

Hair developer will not cause any damage if your hair is virgin, you apply developer without mixing and if you are toning blonde only. However, if not, you may feel pain during the lightning process. The pain can be acute when your hair is already damaged. Therefore, we will share with you some tips to lift hair color safely and happily. 

Do a strand test before any application.

Global Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison from Schwarzkopf Professional ((schwarzkopf-professionalusa.com. 2020. Schwarzkopf Professional – Together. A Passion For Hair. [online] Available at: <https://www.schwarzkopf-professionalusa.com/skp/us/en/home.html> [Accessed 4 May 2020].)) explains:

“A bit of product can produce different results, and it is too risky to apply it directly on your hair without any strand test.”

30 volume developer to lighten hair
Just a few minutes and you can be safe with the whole process (Source: Internet)

A strand test is like a game plan which can help you check the outcome before you get started with it. For hair developer, the test is to see if the volume is suitable and how long the process should be. 

The power is in the powder.

In its nature, hair developer does not cause any harm to the natural hair, but when it is a mixed powder, it is a different story. Do not blast dark hair with heat and a high developer because it is a prevalent misconception. Instead, you should use professional powder with a low developer. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
It can only be perfect if you follow the correct ratio after considering all the factors. (Source: Internet)

Can 30 volume developer lighten hair by itself?

Technically, 30 volume developer can lift out the color, but its primary purpose is in bleaching. When used alone, the developer will not lighten the hair very much because, without bleach, hydrogen peroxide cannot produce alkaline peroxide, which is capable of lightening hair color effectively. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
You cannot get the color you desire if you use 30 volume developer to lighten hair only (Source: Internet)

Moreover, hydrogen peroxide helps to open the hair cuticle and release artificial pigments at the same time. However, you do not add another component to alter pigments because bleach or color ammonia is not utilized. Then you are causing damages to your hair by accident without predicting any possible results. 

How to use 30 volume developer to lighten hair

 Save the best for the last! After giving you enough information about the product, we think it is time for you to go on practicing. You must wear gloves from the beginning to the end of the process and avoid brushing the combination between hair developer and bleach as much as possible. 

Now, let’s get started with applying some conditioner onto your hair one day before the day you plan to lighten the hair. It will help minimize possible damages that may arise. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair
Just do it as you always do while washing hair (Source: Internet)

Next, mix 30 volume developer to lighten hair with the suitable hair bleach. Stir the combination in the plastic bowl with the brush. The correct ratio should be 1 ounce of 30 volume developer and 1 ounce of bleach powder.

30 volume developer to lighten hair
This is the liquid measuring cup in the lightening kit you may see in almost all the available hair salons. (Source: Internet)

Then divide your hair into two parts, which are top and bottom. Do not forget some hair clips to secure each piece. Remember to grab a 2-inch section of hair from the bottom layer. To get even coverage, you had better brush all sides of the article from root to tip. 

Do it until you finish applying the mixture onto all the strands you desire to lighten. You should concentrate on the work because 30 volume developer can lighten your hair in a short time. The rule is to leave it there for no more than 30 minutes.

Once your hair reaches the lightness you want, rinse it from the developer and bleach. You can use a gentle shampoo to rinse thoroughly so that no hair product buildup can stay. Afterwards, you can apply a toner to remove the orange tint which appears if your hair is naturally dark and you seem to lighten too much. Use your fingers to run through the nose and leave the toner there for 10 minutes before rinsing. Now, you are proud to say that you can use 30 volume developer to lighten hair by yourself. 

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