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How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair? The Answer Is In This Post!

As a matter of fact, if you change your hairstyle, you can change your whole appearance. Therefore, you need to carefully consider whenever you plan to grow, cut, or dye your hair. To achieve this, completely visualizing whether your new hairstyle will match your face or not is crucial. For anyone who has any intention […]

Is it possible to get lice from a pool?

Summer is coming and I know we all love swimming in this scorching hot weather. Beaches, pools, and water parks are going to be filled with a bunch of people who are longing to swim. Swimming can be super exciting with a wide range of water sports and games. However, do you know that apart […]

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color

Everything about how much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color will be explained in detail on this topic. 20 volume developer is used for lifting the hair color level by around 2 levels, it’s the most common one between all of the hair developers. The mixing ratio of hair color and developer is varied, usually […]

Everything about 30 volume developer to lighten hair

Usually, when you are seeking a new look to refresh the old version of yours, you may take much notice of hair color and spend more time thinking it over. Little do you know that hair developer is as essential as its big brother in the whole process. Today’s blog post will help you clear […]

How to use 20 volume developer to lighten hair

You are sick and tired of your black and traditional hair, aren’t you? It is high time for you to get to know about hair developer – a must-have item to lighten your hair. One of the popular developers in the market is the 20 volume developer to lighten hair. What is special about this […]