How Long Is 14 Inches Of Hair -What You May Not Know?

In reality, not many people know the actual length of their hair. We can only tell the difference among types of haircuts, such as ear length, chin-length, chest-length, mid-back length, etc. From the hair length, the ear-length refers to a short hairstyle, while chest length is a mid-length, and bottom back length means a longer … Read more

Is it possible to get lice from a pool?

Swimming caps help prevent lice

Summer is coming and I know we all love swimming in this scorching hot weather. Beaches, pools, and water parks are going to be filled with a bunch of people who are longing to swim. Swimming can be super exciting with a wide range of water sports and games. However, do you know that apart … Read more

How to get perfect permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Dyeing hair has become a trend throughout these years, and recently, purple has become one of the most popular colors for hair dye due to its pickiness. However, maintaining it is even a much harder problem, especially for dark hair. So let’s discover how to get perfect permanent purple hair dye for dark hair. What … Read more