5 brands of best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach

If you want to dye your hair purple, the first question that comes to your mind is to bleach or not. The answer depends on how dark your hair is and how light you want the purple to be. It will be more challenging to make your hair brighter if you have black or very dark hair. In this situation, bleach helps you remove the color from your hair. However, bleach requires oxidation, and it can cause damage to your hair. Before dyeing your hair with semi-permanent hair dye, make sure that your product is high quality. You can look through this article to see 5 brands of best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach, which are highly recommended and generally get good reviews.

Some notes before getting started

Please note that semi-permanent ((En.wikipedia.org. 2020. Semi-Permanent. [online] Available at: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semi-Permanent> [Accessed 16 August 2020].)) hair dyes are not going to make dark hair turn light. They will mix with your natural hair color and change it according to its darkness. For light hair, it can give you violet or mauve colors. Deeper purple colors will happen with darker hair.

You should test your hair dye on a part of your skin first to make sure it doesn’t cause allergy. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a semi-permanent hair dye that you like
  2. Mix your hair dye with some conditioner
  3. Apply to your hair
  4. Let it sit for 1 hour
  5. Wash out the hair dye

The downside of this method is that semi-permanent hair dyes last one wash. Some last for one month. Nevertheless, you can still have fun and achieve your dream hair color without worrying about bleach’s damage. 

So what is the best purple hair dye for dark hair? Let’s come to the 5 best permanent purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach!

Best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach: L’Oreal Paris Colorista Purple

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach
L’oreal Paris Colorista Purple

This is the first brand that crosses my mind when it comes to the best purple hair dye for dark hair. This product doesn’t have ammonia or peroxide – two fairly aggressive ingredients for your hair. And of course, it doesn’t require bleach.

The upside of L’Oreal Paris Colorista Purple is that it will not dry out or damage your ends. Moreover, it offers women with dark or black hair other possible tones than just purple, including greens and reds.

However, the downside is that it fades quickly with washing. It barely lasts 7 washes.

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Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-permanent Hair Dye

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach
Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-permanent Hair Dye

This product in the best purple hair dye without bleaching list is a type of semi-permanent hair dye, bringing you a deep and royal purple color called Purple Rain. If you have light brown hair, you can get a deep shade of this tone. The product from Arctic Fox is said to be suitable for both dark and light color locks. After dyeing, when the light hits directly on your tresses, the purple hue will be subtle and shine.

The color can last around 2 months since it’s a semi-permanent color. Besides, this product has a delicious smell and doesn’t contain harsh and harmful chemicals that may damage your hair.

Purple hair dye for dark hair: Manic Panic Ultra Violet

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach
Manic Panic Ultra Violet

The most outstanding advantages of this product are it’s super-vibrant and super-pigmented. Also, it has a creamy texture, which will help you apply it onto your hair easier. You will not need any other products (such as conditioner) to apply it. Just simply use a dye brush, and that’s it. As it’s strongly pigmented, you should wear a pair of gloves and one old T-shirt when dyeing. Also, avoid using white towels and clothes for at least the first few days after dyeing your hair. The product fades after six weeks depending on how many times a week that you wash your hair.

Dye for dark hair without bleach: Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Amethyst Purple Cream Color

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach
Joico Intensity Semi-permanent Amethyst Purple Cream Color

Another best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach is Joico. This semi-permanent purple hair dye can last for quite a long period without reapplying.

It’s ideal for all hair types, whether your hair is dense or thin, black or light, you can quickly get the purple color you want. The product comes with a simple instruction so that you can easily follow the steps and get your dream look effortlessly.

Joico Intensity Semi-permanent lasts up to 15 shampoos. Many previous reviewers claimed that this product offered a healthy-looking and long-lasting result.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color – Ultra Bold Violet

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color – Ultra Bold Violet

Customers and experts highly recommend this product. It is said that it can transform the darkest hair color to a rich purple hue quickly without bleaching thanks to its intensity-enhancing color boost technology. It also contains natural ingredients, such as avocado, shea butter and olive oils, which help your hair healthier.

Moreover, the color also lasts a long time and doesn’t fade quickly. This product is easy to use. All you need to do is apply the dye directly on your hair with a pair of gloves, no need for a developer. Let it sit for an exact time according to the instruction and voilà, it gives your hair the best and unique purple-color.

Tips for dyeing dark hair purple

When dyeing dark hair purple without bleach, you should match it with your skin tone. Also, keep in mind the following tips for best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach, to keep your hair shiny, healthy and long-lasting color:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight
  2. Avoid frequent washes
  3. Avoid chlorinated water in the swimming pool

So, there are a few brands of semi-permanent hair dyes that can give you the best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach. Avoiding bleach will help you ensure you don’t damage your hair. If you are still in doubt, you can go to a professional hair salon to refer to their advice on how to reach your color goals without damaging your hair.

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