As a matter of fact, if you change your hairstyle, you can change your whole appearance. Therefore, you need to carefully consider whenever you plan to grow, cut, or dye your hair. To achieve this, completely visualizing whether your new hairstyle will match your face or not is crucial.

For anyone who has any intention of growing or extending their hair to 20 inches, they need to know the answers to these questions: How long is 20 inches of hair? How long does 20 inches of hair growth take? And so many more. In this post, we will give you all the satisfactory answers.

How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair?

20 inches of hair is a common length because many people opt for it. Let’s have a close look at these photos to see what 20 inches of hair looks like in the straight, curly, and wavy form.

How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

20 inches of hair in different styles

As you can see, in separate styles, 20 inches of hair will vary in length. Yet, it will be still over your shoulders and cover ⅓ of your back.

How Long Does It Take To Grow 20 Inches Of Hair?

The Pace Of Hair’s Natural Growth

Follicles are the source of hair, not on our heads, but all of our body’s parts. According to scientific research, our body consists of up to 5 million follicles, and 100,000 of them are on our heads. Those follicles are active mostly all the time and responsible for producing hair. Yet, when they stop functioning, baldness will occur.

On a monthly basis, follicles generate ½ inches of hair. Doing a simple calculation, we can see that 6 inches of hair will naturally grow per year. However, there are some factors that can affect the speed of hair growth, like hair type, health, and age.

Therefore, for producing 20 inches of hair, follicles will take you more than three years without cutting. It’s such a long time of waiting, right? However, every obstacle can be solved if you pay enough effort and time. Check out some tips for growing hair to 20 inches with as little time as possible.

Fast Hair Growth Tips

#1 Consume More Nutrients And Vitamins

If the follicle [1]Hair follicle. (2021). Retrieved 14 January 2021, from can’t take advantage of its natural power to grow your hair faster, give it a hand. The best way to increase the efficiency of the hair-growing process is by consuming foods that provide us with necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Besides, many people rely on supplements for absorbing healthy vitamins and nutrients. Yet, you need to take supplements with a proper amount, or else you may get some negative side-effects.

#2 Extract Of Natural Plants May Help

There are two notices for you to bear in mind before applying this method. Firstly, essential oils haven’t been officially proved to assist the pace of hair growth by scientists. This method is only considered as a traditional one.

Next, when applying essential oils, you shouldn’t pour them directly on your skin. We recommend that you mix a few drops of oil with your shampoo before using it.

Below are the types of plants that are commonly used to extract oils:

  • Pumpkin seed
  • Coconut
  • Mineral
  • Sunflower
  • Rosemary

#3 Keratin Supplements

Keratin is a substance that nourishes our hair and nails, so people with dense hair and long nails are rich in keratin. On the contrary, people facing hair-loss or slow hair growth run the risk of lacking this substance.

If you want to lessen the time spent on growing 20 inches of hair, taking keratin supplements is a worth-trying option.

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#4 Protein

Many people have the habit of changing their hairstyles regularly, and the heat from hair-straightener will affect hair’s strength and growth. Protein can help with this. However, the source of protein you consume should be from meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Plus, you need to calculate the needed amount of protein for your hair. If the consumption surpasses the demand, your kidney will be harmed.

#5 Caffeine

This may sound surprising, but YES, caffeine can help to accelerate the hair’s growth. In fact, scientists are still working on this. However, many people still freshen their minds with a cup of coffee every morning without caring about its impact on hair growth. Therefore, it would be great if coffee truly had this positive side-effect.

Is It Possible To Grow 20 inches In A Year?

Honestly, it’s almost impossible for your hair to naturally grow to 20 inches within a year. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have 20 inches of hair in a year. The method we suggest you are applying for hair extensions.

How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

Hair length chart

Hair extension is a convenient and time-saving way to have long and silky hair without applying the fast hair growth tips above. All you have to do is search for the hairstyle that matches your face and purchase.

There are four most common face shapes in the world:

  • Heart-shaped face
  • Long face
  • Square face
  • Round face
How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

Heart-shaped face

Gallery Of 20 Inches Long Hair For Men And Women

If you still want to see more photos of 20 inches of hair in both genders to decide whether to opt for this hairstyle or not, we would like to share with you some.

Before getting started, there are some pictures of hair in different inches:

How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

6 inches of hair

How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

10 inches of hair

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How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

Men’s 12 inches of hair

Now, there are pictures of people with 20 inches of hair:

How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

20 inches of hair

How Long Is 20 Inches Of Hair

20 inches of hair growth

Bottom Lines

After reading this post, we bet that you now know “How long is 20 inches of hair?”. Besides, we offer you some tips to achieve a long and silky 20-inch hairstyle at the fastest pace.

Naturally growing your hair to 20 inches is quite challenging and will take you a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to opt for a more convenient method, as we recommended, choose a hair extension that matches your face.


1Hair follicle. (2021). Retrieved 14 January 2021, from

You are sick and tired of your black and traditional hair, aren’t you? It is high time for you to get to know about hair developer – a must-have item to lighten your hair. One of the popular developers in the market is the 20 volume developer to lighten hair.

What is special about this type and how is it different from 10 volume developer and 30 volume developer which all have been explained in our previous blog posts? All these questions will be fully answered in today’s discussion. Just stay tuned and get ready to update your domains about hair developers!

Description of 20 volume developer to lighten hair

Before directly getting to know about 20 volume developer to lighten hair, we had better browse through the definition of hair developer and its benefits to your hair. Once you get foundational knowledge, you will make good use of it. 

What are hair developer and its benefits to your hair?

Hair developer has been a salon mainstay for ages. It all contains a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is available in both liquid and cream form. Previously, it was said that liquid developers were better for gray coverage and cream products excelled at conditioning. However, it is just the old-school way of thinking because most hair developers today are in cream format.

20 volume developer to lighten hair

These days, hair developers have gained much more popularity in the beauty lover community. (Source: Internet)

It was not until 1867 that this oxidant element was adopted as a bleaching agent [1] 2020. Hydrogen Peroxide. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020].. As we mentioned in other blog posts, chemical processes are not good for our hair but as long as they are under strict control, they can be utilized to facilitate hair styling. 

It is not pompous to say there is no substitute for hair developer if you want to lighten or darken your strands. However, hair developers contain just a low level of hydrogen peroxide. For example, 20 volume developer to lighten hair has only 6% of H2O2. There are stabilizers, surfactants, thickening agents, water, and solvents inside the bottle. They combine to form a relatively unstable mixture that is sensitive to sunlight and easily gets contaminated. 

What is 20 volume developer to lighten hair?

20 volume developer to lighten hair

A sample of 20 volume developer to lighten hair (Source: Internet)

Once you shop for a hair developer, customer service staff will definitely ask you to choose your favorite type. If you are a newcomer in this color universe, lucky you because this part will help you to make a wiser decision. 

Hair developer has several degrees to which you can lighten or darken your hair. The weakest one is 10 volume or 3% peroxide developer and normally, 3% in the developer helps to achieve 1 degree of lightening. 

So, with 6% peroxide, colorists can get 2 degrees of lightening. In other words, the developer lifts your hair color by one or two levels depending on the amount you apply. How it works is similar to how 10 volume developer does in that they all open the hair cuticles in order that the color can penetrate into the strands. 

20 volume developer to lighten hair

On the journey to get balayage: before and after using 20 volume developer to lighten hair (Source: Internet)

What does 20 volume developer do?

+ Work with hair color

It is said that 20 volume developer is the most common force of hair developer in the current market. Whenever you ask for a chemical product to lighten hair, it should be named in the top list as colorists can utilize it with both temporary color and permanent dye

Temporary color

According to Wikipedia, temporary color has pigments that are high molecular weight. Therefore, they cannot penetrate the hair cuticles and the color particles persist on the surface of the hair shaft. You can easily remove it by a single shampooing. [2] 2020. Hair Coloring. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020].

20 volume developer to lighten hair

Here are several types of temporary color you may shop for (Source: Internet)

How can it be mixed with 20 volume developer to lighten hair? In fact, for temporary color, 20 vol and 30 vol are all considered as weaker developers. The mixture helps to deliver the color to the outer part of the hair and it works as a coat to your hair for a quite short period of time. 

Permanent dye

On the contrary to temporary color, permanent dye permanently changes the color of your natural strands. It only disappears when you remove it with specially designed products such as baking soda and vinegar. 

When permanent hair color is mixed with a developer and applied to your head, it enables you to open hair cuticles and let the dye penetrate deep inside. For a while, the cuticles reseal so that the color cannot escape and you can keep your favorite color for a longer time.

+ Work with bleaching and toning

Second, you can use 20 volume developer with bleach to lighten the hair. We are sure that you can get natural blonde in a much gentler fashion. From my personal experience, the naturally dark brown hair of mine got to a level 10 blonde after 4 rounds of bleaching with Salon Care 20 volume crème developer. 

20 volume developer to lighten hair

This Disney princess look is amazing, right? (Source: Internet)

How about toning hair? As we have mentioned, 20 volume developer is mainly in charge of lifting hair color; hence, it can’t be used to tone dark hair. It is the best to tone light colors like platinum and pale blonde. For instance, your base is in a light ash blonde extra light golden blonde or platinum blonde, then a silver-grey, golden or purple toner is highly recommended. 

It is also important that you follow the standard ratio to get the best results. Remember that 2:1 is the standard ratio in that you take two parts of the developer and one part of toner. If you use the wrong ratio, it is a waste of time and money, let alone possible damages to your natural strands. Be cautious to tone your hair with the correct ratio!

+ Cover gray hair

As you may read in this blog post, 10 volume developer to lighten hair[3]Beauty, J., 2020. 10 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair – All Information By 2020. [online] Jamm Beauty. Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020]. is suitable for grey hair coverage if the amount of grey hair is about 25% or less. However, if you have more than 50% grey hair, it is time to use 20 volume developer to ensure 100% gray coverage. There is no replacement to darken hair in this case!

20 volume developer to lighten hair

You can refer to this table to know more about % of white hair and recommended tones (Source: Internet)

When it comes to gray coverage by 20 volume developer to lighten hair, the vital step is to decide how much base you should add. Please follow the following information to have a feasible solution to your client’s white strands. 

  • 50% grey hair: mix 50% of base with 50% of the desired color
  • 75% grey hair: mix 75% of base with 25% of the desired color
  • 100% grey hair: base color only

You should also take your client’s hair quality into consideration because some are just easier to cover than others. Therefore, you can totally vary this rule after feeling the hair and working out what is best. 

The difference between 30 and 20 volume developer to lighten hair

Whatever you choose to do, just do not play with your hair. You will never know how messy and panicking you can be if you decide everything on your own without a strong awareness of things and professional pieces of advice. Therefore, to put you under the smallest risks possible for your hair, we will give you a basic understanding of the difference between two types. 

Any hair developer can be similar in the way of applying but they are all different in the benefits they can bring about. 30 or 20 volume is to show the content of hydrogen peroxide. The higher the volume is, the more damages you cause to your hair fibers. It is the ugly truth you should admit. 

20 volume developer to lighten hair

20 volume developer to lighten hair

This is what you get with 6% peroxide developer (Source: Internet)

If you have the same desire as the girl in the picture above, then 20 vol is for you. By this, we mean you do not want to lighten the color too much and all you want is just two or three tones. Moreover, 6% peroxide developer works well in light brown hair. 

As the volume is lower, it is also safer and causes fewer damages. Therefore, you can do it on your own at home just after reading carefully all the related information. In general, 10 and 20 volume developer to lighten hair is a good option to try if you are a newcomer. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

20 volume developer to lighten hair

Are you deeply immersed in this gorgeous look? (Source: Internet)

If you want to make further inquiries about 6% peroxide, we have a full and detailed post here (dẫn link bài 30 volume developer). It helps you to lighten hair color by three or four tones and it is safe to use. 

We can say that 30 vol developer will not bring about serious damages to your hair under the following factors including, but not limited to

  • The applied hair is virgin hair that has not suffered from any prior chemical processes. It works better and safer on fine hair and coarse hair.
  • It is too high for high color, which leads to unnecessary lightening and painful damages. In fact, 6% peroxide is specially designed for hair at the darkest levels. 
  • You leave it in the hair for more than 30 minutes. This runs the risk of inactive color and irritating scalp. The place of this volume developer is also crucial. To be more specific, you should leave it 1 inch off the scalp to avoid the itchy scalp. 

These are common cases you may meet when you use 30 volume developer. When compared to 20 volume developer to lighten hair, the latter seems to be more dangerous to use. However, under proper instruction on how to use it, your sufferings will be paid off because thanks to its strong level, you can immediately achieve gorgeous hair colors and styles of celebrities. 

Can I use 20 volume developer to lighten hair at home and by myself?

You can literally do everything by yourself if you do it with care and it is not an exception with 20 vol developer. Let’s get started with mixing the color and conditioner at the ratio 1:3 and as we said, try to make it right and just enough to saturate your hair. 

Next, gently wash your strands with shampoo and dry them. After that, apply Vaseline or any kind of hair protector that you are using to avoid color staining. Then you add color to the roots and saturate the hair evenly. 

Leave it about 15 to 40 minutes depending on the product that you buy. You can cover your head with a shower cap during that time. When the time passes, wash your hair well and do not use any heat source. 

There are the instructions you can easily follow and it causes little harm to your natural strands because we do not add bleaching in the process. All you want is to lighten hải just a few shades and you should avoid bleaching as much as possible. 

When does 20 volume developer to lighten hair expire?

Any kind of hair developer has its expiry date and so does 20 volume developer. It can go bad and lose effectiveness after 12 months of opening; therefore, it should be used within a year. Always remember to check the product specifications carefully before using it. 

To get the most from 20 volume developer, you should keep it away from heat, sunlight, extremely cold weather, etc. In addition, you had better replace the lid often to avoid mold growth. Once you mix it with color or bleach, do not store and just discard the mixture safely and carefully. 

References 2020. Hydrogen Peroxide. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020]. 2020. Hair Coloring. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020].
3Beauty, J., 2020. 10 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair – All Information By 2020. [online] Jamm Beauty. Available at: <> [Accessed 24 April 2020].

It can be seen that, for any girl, hair plays a very important role to help the facial appearance become elegant and shiny. How to grow hair fast? That is the question of many people. For women, silky long hair increases the sexiness, charm, and attractiveness. The hair honors the beauty and contributes to the success of women, so the desire to have long hair is always the dream of many women. Today we will share with you how the real length of 8 inches hair and how to make hair grow quickly and most effectively. Many of you may still wonder how long is 8 inches of hair, or how to grow your hair to 8 inches hair. Please refer to the suggestions we give below! Surely it will help you to understand about this topic and how to grow your hair to become a more elegant, more youthful lady!

How long is 8 inches of hair

First of all, you might wonder about the actual length of 8 inches of hair. 8 inches length of hair is equal to the distance from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. 8 inches length is considerably long so it might take you a quite long time to reach this length. With the photo below, you can better imagine the length.

8 inches of hair will give you a thicker and fuller look, and make your appearance a lot younger. You will look like a charming girl with long silky hair.

how long is 8 inches of hair

The girl before and after cutting 8 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

How long does it take for 8 inches of hair to grow

As we all know each person has a different body and physical factors, so how much hair grows depends on its hair growth cycles. Below we will learn about it together thoroughly.

Depends on gender

Many people today still wonder whether men’s hair growth ability is faster or that of women? Some people think that healthy men have the ability to grow hair faster than women, but there are also people who think that women take care of hair better than men, so women’s hair growth will be faster than men. So after discovering the answer for “how long is 8 inches of hair”, right now we will help you solve this problem about the speed of hair growth of both genders.

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For women

For women, hair is extremely important and has a great influence on appearance so it is specially cared for as well as carefully cared for. According to the statistical results when testing on 10 women, their average hair will be about 0.6 – 0.7 inches per month on the condition that they have to have a standard hair care routine, a reasonable diet, and minimize the harmful effects on hair such as curling, styling blow …

how long is 8 inches of hair

Do you know how long is 8 inches of hair? (Source: Internet)

For men

You may not believe it, but a month, a man’s hair will grow from 0.4 to 1 inch, even though they do not have a haircare regime like a woman. According to experts, women leave their hair in the end of the hair for too long without being trimmed, leading to weak fibers and hindering hair growth, while men have a habit of trimming their hair regularly.

So we can say that a month men’s hair grows faster than women. Although women are well cared for, if they do not trim the weak, dry hair on the ends of the hair, it will limit hair growth.

How long does it take for 8 inches of hair to grow

According to the study, not only depends on the gender or the care regime, but the location also affects the growth of hair. Hair grows slowly, often appears in cases of people with thin and thin hair, often stressed, the weak body can also make hair grow longer. In contrast, for people with a healthy base, high levels of hormones not only make hair grow longer, but hair follicles in other areas also grow rapidly. Normally for people with good conditions, high hormone, one-day hair will grow about 0.1 inches per week, and about 0.3 inches per month these subjects will see hair or hair follicles on the body grow about 0.4 – 0.6 inches. However, this is only an estimate because the growth of hair also depends on each person.

Secrets to make your hair grow 8 inches of hair faster

After discovering how long is 8 inches of hair and how long to get this length, you now might want to know how to make it gets long faster right? We would like to give you some ways to make your hair grow faster. Girls can refer to some of the ways below to improve their beautiful hair.

Wash your hair with beer to help your hair grow faster

Beer balances the scalp’s pH, beer contains B vitamins, promotes faster hair growth. Beer is not only for drinking but also for cooking the hair. When your hair is dry, use 50ml beer mixed with 20ml of pure fresh milk, shake well then apply to hair and incubate on your head for about 30 minutes and then rinse with shampoo. This method moisturizes the hair and scalp very well, smooth and shiny hair.

Incubate hair with bananas

how long is 8 inches of hair

Banana will help your hair grow faster (Source: Internet)

Bananas are a great source of potassium, vitamins A, E, C, and other essential nutrients that stimulate hair growth and help hair grow quickly after a period of practice. This is a simple way just like the answer for how long is 8 inches of hair, we just need to pure 1 – 2 bananas then apply evenly to the hair area and warm for about 20 minutes to absorb nutrients into the hair. Rinse well with water and feel silky hair.

Improve hair in 1 month with coconut oil


how long is 8 inches of hair

Coconut oil is the natural ingredient that helps you grow your hair longer in a month (Source: Internet)


Coconut oil is used to help hair grow faster because it has the ability to penetrate the hair well and prevent the reduction of protein molecules. Not only does it moisturize the scalp to stimulate hair grow longer and longer, but coconut oil also has an antioxidant effect that makes your hair always shiny, grows thicker, and reduces hair loss in 1 time. Short time in hair care.

First, you have to wash your hair, then dry it. Then, you extract coconut oil into a small cup with just enough amount for hair, reheat, then take a cotton swab soaked in coconut oil and rub on the scalp to coconut oil absorbed into the hair roots and scalp. Massage the scalp thoroughly, or apply coconut oil on the comb and brush your hair. It is best to do it overnight, but if you do not have time, you should incubate for at least 30 minutes and then wash with normal shampoo.

Help your hair grow faster with B1


how long is 8 inches of hair

Vitamin B1 will also help you to grow your hair faster and better (Source: Internet)

Vitamin B1 is used to promote blood circulation in the body but also helps to nourish a healthy scalp root while preventing the darkening of hair loss and stimulating mushroom growth. Use 1 – 2 capsules of vitamin B1 dissolved in warm water, remove the egg yolks and then mix with vitamin B1 and 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (or coconut oil). Incubate the hair for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo. Persistently apply to get the best results

Do exercise to increase blood circulation and massage scalp

how long is 8 inches of hair

Massaging helps to stimulate blood circulation (Source: Internet)

For hair that is falling out or weak, a regular scalp massage will work surprisingly well. This has the ability to help blood flow to the scalp better, thereby stimulating hair follicles to grow.

Special massage works better when combined with the use of essential oils. At the same time enhance fitness you can “handstand” or simply stand straight then bend down so that your hands touch the foot. If tired, stand up straight and repeat. Another way is to lie on your back in bed, sticking your neck off the edge of the bed and lowering your head so that your heart is higher than your head. This is a quick and simple way to grow hair quickly.

Above we have answered questions you are wondering about how long is 8 inches of hair and have shared some tips to make hair grow fast within 1 month. You can refer to if you have any questions, you can contact us. Good luck!

Recently, using wigs are so popular among girls around the world. And there are now many different lines of wigs, from the classic ones to the most advanced hair extensions, and it helps to perfectly overcome the disadvantages of natural hair, making you more attractive and more confident in yourself when meeting other people. Among the various types of wigs, the length of wigs is one of the most interesting topics among users. Which kind of length of hair extensions is gaining the most love from customers? What advantages does it have in the end? Today, Hairdeveloper will help you explore one of the longest lengths of hair extensions – how long is 22 inch hair? Let’s find it out.

Benefits of 22 inch hair

Super scalp lifelike, helps you feel confident to use.

  • Products with modern designs, trendy, catch up the trend
  • Safe materials, carefully processed and guaranteed to be friendly to every scalp base
  • Can be bent, dyed, styled as you like
  • Diverse styles for you to experience innovation yourself

And more than that, choose a  22 inch hair extensions that you are investing in long-term savings, instead of spending every few months buying new hair.

how long is 22 inch hair

How long is 22 inch hair? (source: Internet)

Reasons for that are:

  • The average lifespan of this product is usually 2-3 years even 5 years if you store it properly. So you won’t have to buy a new hair extension. Hair products made from rayon or nylon are usually short-lived, costing you a lot of new hair models
  • Safe for the scalp and natural hair, because customers who wear a wig still want to protect their original hair. So they need the friendliness and safety from the materials, styles of super scalp wigs. And with the nature of real hair as well as a firm texture, this product fully meets that standard
  • Comfortably styled because the heat resistance and absorption of 22 inch hair extensions are just like real hair. So you can change the style so that with a hair model you will not be bored even if used for long
  • It gives you a beautiful appearance in the blink of an eye without waiting for hours at the salon. Even styling with chemicals and natural hair will not make you feel comfortable like a wig
  • Possessing natural beauty because it is simply made with real hair, you can use your fingers and touch each strand to feel this. Wearing the 22 inch hair extensions makes the overall appearance more attractive.
  • Highly effective, transforms your appearance in an instant, from short or dry hair, becomes smooth, long as you like. Or from a tomboy to a legend, … from a silver hair to black hair

What is 22 inch hair and how long is 22 inch hair

You can easily understand that super scalp wigs are hand-made wigs made from 100% real hair, the mechanic hooks each strand into 3-layer mesh to create the most realistic hair. These hairstyles are naturally beautiful, silky, and carefully engineered for maximum comfort and safety. Especially with hair samples from 100% real hair will help you experience safety, confidence, lightness when using it.

how long is 22 inch hair

If you still wonder how long how long is 22 inch hair, check it out from this table (source: Internet)

These wigs are elaborately processed, through many different stages, carefully processed each strand of hair to create a beautiful, non-rough and important product that is trendy for users. So whether you are a strong person, personality, prefer cool style; or a gentle, innocent, gentle, feminine girl, … you can whatever you want if using the 22 inch hair extensions.

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And the special thing that makes the brand and the popularity of super scalp wigs is the real fake scalp. This part is made of a safe, natural material in color, so even if you tie your exposed hair, no one will be able to detect that you are using a wig. In addition, with smart and friendly design, breathable, so even in hot weather, wearing it you still not uncomfortable.

The plus point that cannot be ignored when choosing these 22 inch hair extensions is the material that makes up for your hair extension – 100% real selection of the highest quality hair. Created with wigs from real hair.

Adding these points together, you can now create the full concept of 22 inch hair wig. In addition, in terms of color and length, their thickness is also different, to suit each face head and face, the preferences of customers.

When using super scalp wigs, what should you keep in mind?

With its own convenience, safety, and beauty of a  22 inch hair extensions convinced you completely? However, to fully experience this product, you should pay attention to a few small notes below:

Fit and fit: You will own the perfect beauty when knowing the balance between the face, skin color, head mold, and super scalp wig. This is how you choose the right hairstyle for you, in terms of its color, length, and thickness. On the other hand, if you choose hair that does not meet these standards, you will not be able to have confidence and comfort in using it.

Hairstyles for you: Each person with different appearance characteristics, interests and styles will not have the same way to choose the hair that does not overlap. So consider these factors comprehensively to choose the right model for you. This helps you increase the beauty, attractiveness in the eyes of people

A suitable hairstyle: with a  22 inch hair extensions you can choose whether to bang or not. But have to choose the overall hairstyle and facial features. There are many types of roofs to choose from, such as flat roofs, sparse roofs, long roofs, dull roofs, etc.

Suitable bangs: The bangs have a lot of influence on the beauty and the fit of a  22 inch hair extensions for you. So a style of horizontal, long, diagonal, equals, etc. will suit each different hairstyle, so be careful when choosing

how long is 22 inch hair

Hair color must be true and harmonious: Even if you want to choose ombre dyed, highlighted hairstyles, its color should not be too much, because it will lack true. With a super scalp wig, you won’t have to worry about this, but if it’s a half-head hair, choose a natural hair color so it won’t show too clearly.

Accessories: Choose the right accessory to help highlight your 22 inch hair extensions. Especially with her, the more small and beautiful things accompany her. It is also a factor that helps hide and make hair more natural

So we helped you learn about some most important things about the 22 inch hair extensions and how long is 22 inch hair. Hopefully to you have learned more interesting things and absolutely feel safe when using these 22 inch hair extensions. And if you’re looking for a brand that specializes in super premium hair extensions, come to hair developer- the leading name in the wig industry today. From designs to materials, colors and especially reasonable prices will make you satisfied. Contact us now!

Have you ever wonder the length of the six inches of hair? Or will your appearance be like when it reaches to twelve inches? When there isn’t any ruler, it’s very difficult to measure visually what is the length of your hair is by just touching it or seeing it on the mirror. You will never notice this thing if you have the best knowledge how to visually measure it, either. We are all horrible at that. A lot of people do not have any idea on how long is 12 inches of hair for sure.

If you’re in the this situation, not only you, but a lot of other people also tried their best to explore this issue. In this article, we are going to give you some of the most proper photographic examples which will be useful for you to judge your own natural hair.

The Real Truth about the length of your own natural hair

Measuring the length of the hair by yourself  is hard. Because you will not have someone to help you all the time to check its length or to estimate the hair’s length for you.

In order to truly take good care of the hair, it’s important for you to have knowledge and understand about it thoroughly from the inside out. It means that finding out suitable and healthy conditioners, how to nourish it with the foods you are eating, or how to avoid dead ends, which are the most basic things, but this also means that you ought to get to know about your hair. This will help to find out how to really and correctly measure your hair just at a glance. Measuring correctly with visualization will absolutely improve your perception.

#1: How Long Is Six Inches of Hair? Short 6 inch hair

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

Short Choppy Hairstyles of the 6 inches hair (Source: Internet)

Do you know what is the length of six inches of hair? You have come to the right place. Also, base on the hairstyle and the texture of your hair, six inches can be a little bit longer or shorter. Some hairstyle will make the six inch hair look shorter such as curly or wavy hair as the hair shaft has been coiled and spiraled.

#2: How Long Is Ten Inches of Hair? Medium Short length of 10 Inches Hair

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

The length of 10 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

10 inches of hair length is described as the transitional cuts which can fall somewhere from short to medium-length. More typically, your hair will reach the nape of your neck if it has the length of 10 inches. At this length, it starts to be long enough for you to make a hairstyle of a ponytail, or you can just simply let it go loosely without too much styling.

#3: How long is 12 inches of hair Whole Foot of Hair – medium hairstyle for girl


How Long is 12 Inches of hair

This is the length of 12 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

With the length of 12 inches, your hair will be is a bit longer than the shoulder length hair. This length touches your shoulders or it will reach the top part of your back. As long as length goes, the length of 12 inches of hair will be right in the middle. And this is just the perfect choice for any girl who loves a original medium length haircut.

#4: How long is 16 inches long hair – Sweet 16

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

This is the length of 16 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

And now, after how long is 12 inches of hair, the next length of hair that we are going to discuss about is the length of 16 inches of hair. This is a kind of a mid-back length. Factoring in your height and the texture of your hair, a 16-inch hair length would reach the center of your back, or perhaps a bit lower.

#5: The 22 View – An attractive long hairstyle for girls

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

The length is 22 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

When your hair reaches the length of 22 inches, you’re completely in the long hair team. And this is a fact for you: the length of 22 inches of curly hair will be at the same place as one of  16-18 inches of the straight hair. Because you know, curly ladies, the curly hair will always get longer when you straighten it.

How to choose the best Hairstyle for Women Around The World

After you understand how long is 12 inches of hair, 6 inches of hair, 10 inches of hair, and so on, it will be a lot easier to judge your hair growth. Did you measure your hair? Share with us the longest one of your hair that it’s ever been!

When choosing hair extensions to buy,  it can be hard for you to make a decision what length of wig to choose from,  so that in this article at Belady Hair, we are going to give you you the ultimate guide on how to choose the right length of hair for you!

Getting the length of your hair extensions right is critical. You want luscious longs, but you want your dreamy hair to look natural and blend well with your own hair at the same time.

We offer a variety of sets in several beautiful lengths here at Belady Hair, so you are sure to find the best length for you. If you want to ask us again how long is 12 inches of hair as well as other length, we are always willing to give you the answer.

The most popular set of our company, the Classic Set, is available in four lengths: 12 inches to 14 inches, 16 inches to 18 inches, 20 inches to 22 inches, and 24 inches to 26 inches.  Although our Quad Weft Set and Triple Weft Set are available in two lengths: 16 inches – 18 inches and 20 inches – 22 inches. Now you have known about how to measure the length of hair and how long is 12 inches of hair and other types of length, this job will be much easier.

The most common and flexible length is 20-22 inches, but it depends on height and frame of each different person. I’m 5 ft 4 inches, for instance, and the perfect length for me is 16-18 inches as this height reaches my bust.

The easiest way to check the length of hair extension is to measure downwards from the middle of your ear by using a tape measure. This will tell you exactly where the hair extensions will drop on you and it will also give you an information of how much longer you can have compare the hair extensions to your own hair.

We would like to recommend you choose extensions which are not too longer than your own natural hair. Even though it’s still no problem to wear long extensions in short hair, hair that is more subtly extended and blended with hair extensions will tend to look a lot more natural.

As a rule of thumb, hair that is shorter than the length of the shoulder will take longer extensions and hair that is the length of the shoulder and above tends to work better with extensions of no more than 20-22 inches. So it’s best to be practical with your choice of length to prevent a hair extension mishap-but don’t worry, you’ll still have enviable length and size!

Follow these guide and then you’ll definitely get your dreamy hair length and volume in anytime time that you want

How to choose the suitable length of hair based on face shape after finding out how long is 12 inches of hair

Oval face:

The oval face is the perfect face because it can suit any short hairstyle from gentle to most personal. Whether it is a curly bob head, a deflated bob, a silly bang, or a crooked hair … it is all easy for you. With an oval face, you just need to choose the hairstyle that suits your style and personality. Slightly curly or messy bob or lob hairstyles all give you a feminine, elegant look, while pixie cut hair embodies a strong, personal style.

Oval face

Round face:

If you have a round face and want to choose a suitable short hairstyle, long bob with chin or shoulder length lob is the perfect hairstyle for you. In particular, bob head style with a long diagonal bangcovering half of the face, thin, thin bang will contribute to reduce the fullness of the face.

Round face


With a small face, don’t let the bang be too long or thick, so the bang will cover most of your face. Choose a bobtail or a middle hairstyle and leave your bangs unattended to create a more elegant and longer face.


Small face

Angled surface:

Your square, angular face is not easily hidden by the short hairstyle. However, you can still get short hair just by choosing carefully trimmed layered hairstyles. It is these staggered curls that will make your face less square and masculine and become more attractive and balanced. Absolutely avoid ultra short hairstyles if you do not want to be “exposed” to the rough defects of the face. Instead, the trimmed hairstyles gently down to the chin or shoulder length, hugging also promote the effect of covering both sides of the jawline, square, softening the “rough” features of the face.

Long face:

Trimming short hair to create thickness, bobbing and bangs covering the forehead is the right hairstyle for those who own an oblong face. “Awesome” thick bangs will help you cover the forehead, reduce the length of the face, so when choosing short hairstyles, pay special attention to the style of the bang you will be. You can choose the shape of flat or diagonal but not too long or thin bang in the middle and long on both sides … , sweeter and more attractive. If you are fascinated with sexy curly hair, the big wave curls will help you regain the right proportions for the face, making the rough long face become softer and softer.

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