Playing darts is a fantastic way to while away the time and have fun with your friends or families

However, keeping and calculating the score all the time makes you feel frustrated

Is there any way to deal with this problem?

Yes, and it is getting the electronic board.

Read on to find out the best electronic dart boards and why you should own one.

Best Electronic Dart Boards – Quick Comparision

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The Best Electronic Dart Boards You Should Not Miss

#1 Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board

Topping our list today is a product of Arachnid in the Cricket Pro series.

Measuring 30x22x3 inches, the 800 dart board is bigger than the other two models from the same series (750 and 900)

However, this does not necessarily mean that it is the heaviest

In fact, it weighs only 10 pounds, making it hassle-free to hang on walls.

The dart area is of standard size – 15.5 inches

Therefore, it will be an ideal option for those who wish to train for competitions.

This model features a micro-thin segment to reduce the chances of bounce-outs

Square holes are also there to let the darts stick to the surface better.

In the end, nobody likes picking darts on the floor, right?

Reading the score is a breeze once you see the Jumbo X/0 LED score display of this product

The screen displays large letters and  numbers that are visible from 8 feet away

That said, you no longer have to move forward to read the score every few minutes.

There are other brilliant features as well

For example, we have the Heckler feature that will “applause” or “barrack” you when you score high or low

That is super fun when you play with your friends!

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 supports up to 8 players and 39 games

Have endless fun with this electronic dart board!


  • Durable construction with tough nylon segments
  • Large and easy-to-read scoreboard
  • 39 games with 179 variations available


  • Loud sound effects (sometimes annoying)
  • High price tag

#2 WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board

This is a real contender amongst countless of electronic dart boards

Check out its features with us!

The best thing about this WIN.MAX dart board is it comes with a sturdy ABS cabinet and plenty of darts (12 to be exact)

That is not to mention 40 dart points to replace any frayed tips and AC power adapter.

A real bargain!

The target face measures 13.5 inches, which is a bit smaller than the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

However, it can still host up to 8 players at a time

There are 27 supported games with 195 scoring options.

Plus, the cyber play function is available with 5 skill levels

You are guaranteed endless fun with this dart board!

The manufacturer had your walls in mind when designing this board

They equipped a large catch ring around the target face to create landing zone for missed shots, thereby protecting your walls from damage.

Another highlight of this WIN.MAX dart board is the easy-to-read control panel and bright LED display, which makes reading the score easy as pie.

The downside lies in the high rate of bounce-outs

The concave segment holes and ultra-thin spider are there to prevent such a case, but they are not really effective.


  • A sturdy cabinet with built-in slots included
  • A large catch ring to protect your walls
  • Easy-to-read control panel and LED display
  • Adjustable sound volume


  • A lot of bounce-outs
  • Average-quality darts

#3 FAT CAT Electronx Electronic Dart Board

This is another top-quality electronic dart board that comes with a handy cabinet

This time, we would love to review the FAT CAT Electronx model.

It has a lot of things in common with the WIN.MAX dart board above.

For example, it features a 13.5-inch target face

This might allow a wide margin of error, or in other words, plenty of bounce-outs

To make up for that, the cabinets are designed to open up as a cover for your walls

That way, you are able to save your beloved walls from stray darts.

We also highly appreciate the LCD panel display this FAT CAT model offers

It is so simple that even a kid can manage to use without worries

On the interface, there are 11 silver buttons allowing you to note a bounce-out or remove some scores.

As suggested above, the FAT CAT Electronx arrives with a sturdy ABS cabinet that can store up to 4 sets of darts

6 darts and 6 spare tips are included in the purchase.

To top all the goodies off, this product is backed with a 1-year warranty.

Feel free to invite your friends to your house for a round of dart

Supporting up to 8 players with 38 games and 167 scoring options, this electronic dart board will certainly bring you endless entertainment.


  • A variety of games and scoring options
  • Sturdy cabinets acting as protective layer for walls
  • User-friendly LCD panel display


  • Average-quality darts that tend to break easily
  • Shallow holes

#4 Eagle Dart Electronic Dart Board

This Eagle Darts are sure to impress every user with its advanced technology

Let’s see.

First off, it has an app compatible with both iOS and Android devices

Get yourself connected, access the online play option, and you are able to compete against players all over the world.

Isn’t it amazing?

This board is designed with luminous numbers all around the target face, which comes in handy when you play in dim-lighting places like in a pub

Also, it helps you understand the scoring system of the game in case you are a newbie.

The board can be powered either with AA batteries or AC power

Using battery is convenient, especially if you want to bring the board to multiple locations

However, you have to sacrifice the brightness of LED lights

If you want to take advantage of the lights, run the board with AC power instead.

What you will love is the standard size of this dart board, making it perfect for you to train like a pro and brace yourself for competitions.

Now comes the drawback.

You might find the online play a cool idea, but do not expect too much of it

In reality, there are not many online players in the lobbies, so it will be hard and time-consuming to find a match.


  • Powered with either AA batteries or AC power
  • Online play option available
  • Illuminating numbers


  • Hard to find online match

#5 Harley-Davidson Electronic Dart Board

Yes, you heard it right

This is a product of Harley-Davidson, and it has some top features to offer.

At first sight, the board looks great with orange and black as the main colors

It will definitely add a colorful touch to your game room.

However, it is not designed for decoration only

This Harley-Davidson earns a lot of positive reviews from users due to its outstanding performance as an electronic dart board.

The board comes with a clear LCD panel to display scores, which is easy to see from afar

It also plays some fun sound effects to bring you more fun during the game

For example, whenever you hit bullseye, you can hear the sound of a Harley roaring.

A notable highlight of this model is that it supports 48 game modes, including 01 and cricket

Like other dart boards on the list, it can host up to 8 players at a time.

Along with the electric board, the purchase includes two sets of darts with plenty of spare tips and an AC adapter

To ease your worries about durability, the manufacturer covers this product with a generous 12-month warranty.

On the downside, the automatic scoring system of this Harley-Davidson dart board is not always accurate

Sometimes, 50s is recorded as 25s

This might lead to mistakes and quarrels, which might spoil your fun.


  • Stylish design for decoration
  • Funny sound effects
  • 12-month warranty


  • Inaccurate automatic scoring system

#6 Gran Board Dash (Green)

The Gran Board dash is a best-selling model of Gran Darts

This latest version is equipped with an impact mat to reduce the noise – a downside of earlier Gran dart boards.

One of its wonderful features is the Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to use the dart with smartphones, tablets, and even Smart TVs

Using the app designed for this Gran board, users can track your performance during last month

Plus, the app often updates new games.

Few can compare to this dart board when it comes to playing solo

The manufacturer designed nine game modes for you to play against the computer, which ensures you enormous fun even if you are alone and do not have anyone to play with.

Like other competitors on the list, this Gran board has a 15.5-inch target face

It runs either on batteries or AC power

Aside from the board itself, included in the purchase are six darts and multiple spare tips.

With such brilliant features, you might expect this board to cost an arm and a leg

In fact, it does not

The price is quite good considering what the equipment provides.

The main complaint lies in the instructions in the app, which are mainly in Asian languages

Some Westerners might find it hard to understand.


  • Impact mat for great noise reduction
  • Compatible with almost all smart devices
  • Nine game modes for playing solo


  • Language barriers in the app

#7 DARTSLIVE-100S 15.5 Inches Electronic Dart Board

The DARTSLIVE-100S makes its way to our list since it is arguably the best budget pick

Trust us, you can hardly find any model as good as this in the $100 price range.

Due to the low price, do not expect anything fancy from this DARTSLIVE-100S

It is a basic 15.5-inch electronic dart board without online capabilities.

Surprisingly, its performance exceeds our expectations

It has low rates of bounce-outs, and the automatic scoring system is quite accurate

On the whole, you can rely on this dart to have an awesome round of darts with your friends.

The model requires four AA batteries to work

Six darts come included in the purchase, but there are no spare tips

The warranty period is six months.

If you want to buy this product and save some money, be prepared for some drawbacks

First off, the DARTSLIVE-100S only support a few regular games

Next, the darts make terrible noise when they stick to the board

Do not play at night; otherwise, you may keep everyone up and receive serious complaint from your neighbors.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Quite reliable performance
  • 6-month warranty period


  • Not many games supported
  • Loud noise

#8 Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid is a trusted brand in the industry, so it is reasonable that the brand has another representative in today’s list

This Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 will not let you down with its useful features.

From the image, you can see that the board is built into the sturdy cabinet with two doors

The cabinet not only keeps the darts neatly arranged but also protect the boards against damage from external elements

On the whole, the cabinet in general and the board in particular look fantastic

The set will attract the attention of everyone in any games room.

This model is pre-loaded with 34 games and 183 variations

Up to 8 players can play at a time

Playing darts using this electronic board is a wonderful way to kill time and have fun.

The optional heckler feature also makes people love this board

You and your friends will surely be rolling in the aisles in the game.

Like other mid-level dart board, it does not support online play

In addition, the 13.5-inch target area might put somebody off this option.


  • Built-in cabinet with two walnut doors
  • A lot of games and variations
  • Hilarious optional heckler feature


  • No online play option

#9 WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

Another WIN.MAX electronic dart board

Let’s see if this model can outweigh its counterpart or not.

It features a bright LCD screen to display the score for individuals or teams

The board is capable of keeping the score for four individual players and eight players in two teams.

To enhance your experience, the dart board has an automatic scoring system and a voice announcer.

Another highlight is that this WIN.MAX electronic dart board is extremely lightweight and compact

Hanging it on the walls should be a breeze

We are impressed with the accessories included in the purchase

Along with the board, you will receive 12 soft tip darts, 100 tips, 12 flights, flight protectors, dart tool, adapter, and game manual


It would be great if the board supported more games

At the moment, it only supports 21 games with 65 variations.


  • Bright LCD display
  • Automatic voice announcer
  • Multiple accessories included


  • Not many games supported

#10 Soft Darts Board DARTSLIVE-200S

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to an all-round electronic dart board – the DARTSLIVE-200S

It is more outstanding than the DARTSLIVE-100S in many ways.

The most notable feature is probably its compatibility with the DARTSLIVE app

The app allows you to track your performance on the board, connect with other players, and play in training modes.

This DARTSLIVE-200S is quieter than its predecessor 100s, making it ideal for home use.

Other essential features are equipped to ensure you have the best experience with the board

In particular, there is a bright LCD screen to display the score

Plus, you have the voice system to make the game lively as a real competition.

When you buy this product, you will receive two sets of darts with 10 extra tips.

The main concern lies in the instructions for installation in the app

It is mainly in Asian languages so it might be hard to understand for some

We hope the manufacturer would add more language options soon.


  • Awesome training modes
  • Useful DARTSLIVE app
  • Rare bounce-outs


  • Language barriers in the app

Why You Should Get An Electronic Dart Board For Your Games Room

Darts is such an awesome game to play with your friends in a party, but it would be way more fun if you had an electronic dart board.

Why so?

Is the traditional dart board not enough?

Well, let us explain to you

When there are only two players, keeping the score seems a breeze

However, how can you keep track of the score with 5 or 6 people at a time?

The next reason is to protect your walls

Imagine how your walls would be when anyone missed the board

A hole after another

After the party, you might go bankrupt for repairs and labors.

Electronic dart boards solve all of these issues

First, they will calculate the score automatically for you

Second, the soft-tipped darts used in these boards will save your walls from damage

Last but not least, the electronic devices will make the game much safer for anyone in the room

There will be no flying missiles near one’s eyes like with traditional dart boards.

So, if you are a serious dart thrower who often play with your friends, let’s get yourself an electronic dart board

Trust us, you will not be disappointed even a bit.

How To Find The Best Electronic Dart Board

Number Of Players

An electronic board can host up to 16 players at a time

Based on the number of people you want to play with, pick up the suitable product.

For example, a board for family gatherings should be able to support 4 to 6 players

For office, the board must host at least 8 people.

Got nobody to compete with?

That’s bad

But don’t worry; you can always play against the computer with electronic boards

To top this goodie off, you are able to change the difficulty level to your liking.

Number Of Games

Nearly all electronic boards are equipped with plenty of games to keep you excited

Some popular names include Cricket, Cut-Throat, Baseball, etc.

If you are after a specific game, you should check the product description to make sure the board supports your desired game.

The Detailed Buying Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to buying a top-quality electronic dart board

Take a look!


You should be able to choose a suitable size for your dart board based on your needs.

For example, if you take darts serious and want to be a professional player, you should buy an electronic board of the same size with those of pros

That way, you can practice like a pro and get yourself ready for competition.

Meanwhile, a dart board for home use is easier to choose

You can go for either bigger or smaller equipment than the professional boards.

If your needs involve portability as you are always on the go, a smaller-sized board will be an ideal option

Otherwise, you need a larger model to teach your children as it will be more visible and convenient for them to play.


The weight of a specific dart board varies depending on its material

Keep it in mind that a heavier board does not necessarily means higher-quality

Both lightweight and heavyweight dart boards have their own benefits and drawbacks.

To find out which one fits you better, take your needs into consideration

For example, if you tend to play darts outdoors, a light and compact board will make more sense as it facilitates portability.


Aside from basic functions, high-end electronic dart boards offer a lot of useful features for more fun at parties.

  • Scoreboard display: You might want to have this feature when playing with a lot of people.
  • Lighting: This feature comes in handy when you intend to play in a dim-lighting area, the basement, for example.
  • Metrics: Some boards can display metrics like average points.
  • Voice prompts: This is an extra feature that makes you feel more engaged in the game.


As electronic dart boards become more and more popular, the number of manufacturers are also on the increase

Various brands constantly innovate and introduce different products to meet the needs of customers.

Asking which is the best brand is useless, since each brand has its own strengths

What you need to do is to select some reliable names, carry out thorough research on their products, and read the feedback to find out the most suitable product.


Last but not least, do not forget to check the price of your desired electronic dart board

You cannot buy something your budget does not allow, right?

Electronic dart boards are available in a wide price range; therefore, you should be able to find out one for your budget

Remember, you get what you pay for

We mean, if you want a durable dart board to play for a long time, do not hesitate to spend more money.

Electronic Vs Bristle Dart Board – Which Is Better?

Before making a conclusion on which is better, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each kind of dart board.

Electronic Dart Board


  • It automatically keeps track of the score, which saves you time and effort
  • It is pre-loaded with a lot of games
  • It is designed with newbies in mind


  • It requires power to work, leading to some inconveniences
  • It is not as durable as bristle dart boards
  • Plastic boards make it likely for plastic tip darts to bounce out

Bristle Dart Board


  • It is very long-lasting
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It offers genuine dart experience
  • It works with steel tip darts, which are common and stick in the board better


  • It slows the game down as you need to calculate the score
  • It fades in color with time
  • Some games are difficult to score

As you can see, both types of dart boards have different advantages and disadvantages

Which is better depends on your playing purposes

While electronic boards are suitable for beginners and casual players, bristle options will benefit those who want to train like the pros.

Tips On Maintaining Your Electronic Dart Board

If you want something to last, you have to care for it

Electronic dart boards are no exception

Here we will show you some useful tips to maintain your equipment.

Avoid Harsh Elements

Sunlight is the worst enemy to a dart board; therefore, do not let your board expose directly to the sun

When you are playing, you can use standard light bulbs in the room and turn them off when the game is over.

Place your board in a dry area, which is away from windows to stop dust from gathering

Moisture should be avoid, too

If possible, we suggest you get a cabinet to best protect the board from environmental conditions.

Clean The Board Often

After every game, you should wipe down your board

First, make sure you have turned it off

Use a dry towel to clean any dust or microfibre cloth on the surface of the board

Then, take a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt

Let it dry completely before putting to storage.

Warning: don’t make the board too wet.

Keep The Board From Water

Electronic dart boards are prone to damage from water in particular and liquids in general

Make sure you place the board in a dry place without glasses of water around to reduce the chances of a spill

Better safe than sorry!

Remove The Darts Gently

Pay attention to the way you take the darts off the board

Our advice is to twist and remove them gently using minimal force

Pulling is not recommended, unless you want to damage the built-in sensors in your electronic dart board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an electronic dart board safe for kids?

A: Some dart boards are specifically designed to be kid-friendly

You can check if a product is safe for kids in the product description

Q: What dart boards do the pros use?

A: Bristle dart boards are the top choice of professional players and tournaments, and for good reasons

You know, bristle is the most sturdy material, and it is nothing short of perfect for dart groupings.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to use it?

A: You might need an internet connection to access all the features of an electronic dart board

For example, you need to go online to compete with other random players on the internet.

Q: How do you maintain a dart board?

A: We have shown you all the maintenance tips for an electronic dart board above

The tips might be a bit different if you have a bristle board.

Q: How do you throw a dart?

A: Throwing a dart seems easy, but it is actually not

You need to have a good stance, grip, and skill to throw a dart successfully and earn high score

Regular practice also helps a lot.

The Bottom Line

That is the end of our article

We have shown you the best electronic dart boards and everything you need to know about this fantastic equipment

We hope you can pick a suitable model and use it for a long time.

Have you tried any of those above dart boards? Tell us your experience in the comment section

Thanks for reading!

If you want to dye your hair purple, the first question that comes to your mind is to bleach or not. The answer depends on how dark your hair is and how light you want the purple to be. It will be more challenging to make your hair brighter if you have black or very dark hair. In this situation, bleach helps you remove the color from your hair. However, bleach requires oxidation, and it can cause damage to your hair. Before dyeing your hair with semi-permanent hair dye, make sure that your product is high quality. You can look through this article to see 5 brands of best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach, which are highly recommended and generally get good reviews.

Some notes before getting started

Please note that semi-permanent [1] 2020. Semi-Permanent. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 16 August 2020]. hair dyes are not going to make dark hair turn light. They will mix with your natural hair color and change it according to its darkness. For light hair, it can give you violet or mauve colors. Deeper purple colors will happen with darker hair.

You should test your hair dye on a part of your skin first to make sure it doesn’t cause allergy. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a semi-permanent hair dye that you like
  2. Mix your hair dye with some conditioner
  3. Apply to your hair
  4. Let it sit for 1 hour
  5. Wash out the hair dye

The downside of this method is that semi-permanent hair dyes last one wash. Some last for one month. Nevertheless, you can still have fun and achieve your dream hair color without worrying about bleach’s damage. 

So what is the best purple hair dye for dark hair? Let’s come to the 5 best permanent purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach!

Best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach: L’Oreal Paris Colorista Purple

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach

L’oreal Paris Colorista Purple

This is the first brand that crosses my mind when it comes to the best purple hair dye for dark hair. This product doesn’t have ammonia or peroxide – two fairly aggressive ingredients for your hair. And of course, it doesn’t require bleach.

The upside of L’Oreal Paris Colorista Purple is that it will not dry out or damage your ends. Moreover, it offers women with dark or black hair other possible tones than just purple, including greens and reds.

However, the downside is that it fades quickly with washing. It barely lasts 7 washes.

>>>See more: The Ultimate guide on how to detangle matted hair painlessly

Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-permanent Hair Dye

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach

Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-permanent Hair Dye

This product in the best purple hair dye without bleaching list is a type of semi-permanent hair dye, bringing you a deep and royal purple color called Purple Rain. If you have light brown hair, you can get a deep shade of this tone. The product from Arctic Fox is said to be suitable for both dark and light color locks. After dyeing, when the light hits directly on your tresses, the purple hue will be subtle and shine.

The color can last around 2 months since it’s a semi-permanent color. Besides, this product has a delicious smell and doesn’t contain harsh and harmful chemicals that may damage your hair.

Purple hair dye for dark hair: Manic Panic Ultra Violet

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach

Manic Panic Ultra Violet

The most outstanding advantages of this product are it’s super-vibrant and super-pigmented. Also, it has a creamy texture, which will help you apply it onto your hair easier. You will not need any other products (such as conditioner) to apply it. Just simply use a dye brush, and that’s it. As it’s strongly pigmented, you should wear a pair of gloves and one old T-shirt when dyeing. Also, avoid using white towels and clothes for at least the first few days after dyeing your hair. The product fades after six weeks depending on how many times a week that you wash your hair.

Dye for dark hair without bleach: Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Amethyst Purple Cream Color

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach

Joico Intensity Semi-permanent Amethyst Purple Cream Color

Another best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach is Joico. This semi-permanent purple hair dye can last for quite a long period without reapplying.

It’s ideal for all hair types, whether your hair is dense or thin, black or light, you can quickly get the purple color you want. The product comes with a simple instruction so that you can easily follow the steps and get your dream look effortlessly.

Joico Intensity Semi-permanent lasts up to 15 shampoos. Many previous reviewers claimed that this product offered a healthy-looking and long-lasting result.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color – Ultra Bold Violet

best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color – Ultra Bold Violet

Customers and experts highly recommend this product. It is said that it can transform the darkest hair color to a rich purple hue quickly without bleaching thanks to its intensity-enhancing color boost technology. It also contains natural ingredients, such as avocado, shea butter and olive oils, which help your hair healthier.

Moreover, the color also lasts a long time and doesn’t fade quickly. This product is easy to use. All you need to do is apply the dye directly on your hair with a pair of gloves, no need for a developer. Let it sit for an exact time according to the instruction and voilà, it gives your hair the best and unique purple-color.

Tips for dyeing dark hair purple

When dyeing dark hair purple without bleach, you should match it with your skin tone. Also, keep in mind the following tips for best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach, to keep your hair shiny, healthy and long-lasting color:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight
  2. Avoid frequent washes
  3. Avoid chlorinated water in the swimming pool

So, there are a few brands of semi-permanent hair dyes that can give you the best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach. Avoiding bleach will help you ensure you don’t damage your hair. If you are still in doubt, you can go to a professional hair salon to refer to their advice on how to reach your color goals without damaging your hair.

References 2020. Semi-Permanent. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 16 August 2020].

Everything about how much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color will be explained in detail on this topic. 20 volume developer is used for lifting the hair color level by around 2 levels, it’s the most common one between all of the hair developers.

The mixing ratio of hair color and developer is varied, usually 1:1 or 1:1.5, sometimes 1:2. But to know the exact amount of 20 volume developer to mix with hair color, you need to understand how it works and which hair color it suits best with.

What does 20 volume developer do?

20 volume developer helps to lighten your hair color from 1 to 2 levels, the strength depends on how much you use it. But how much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color also depends on your hair’s thickness and length, so in some cases, a larger amount should be more preferred than the standard recipe. 

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color

What does 20 volume developer do? (Source: Internet)

It’s also the most suitable product for covering grey hair. For your information, the 10 volume developer-only fits the situation when you have lower than 25% of grey hair, but above than 50%, then 20 volume developer is more famous for the 100% grey coverage which would wipe out all the black hair spots you have left.

Furthermore, if 20 volume developer isn’t the most suitable one for you, then there are other choices for either darken or lighten your hair. They include 10 volume developer, 30 volume developer, 40 volume developer, …; and you can find all of those hair developers’ information from our other topics.

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color

Other hair developers’ information (Source: Internet)

Which hair color that 20 volume developer suits best?

From time to time, people always say that 20 volume developer is only for 100% grey coverage. Well, the statement isn’t entirely wrong but that’s just a stereotype that can not apply to this day anymore. Since years ago, people have used 20 volume developer to mix with different hair colors, some of the results are not a good choice, but some are perfectly matched. 

When we think about how much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color, we must have thought about the color first. However, there are hair colors that were picked by most of the people for best suits with 20 volume developer:

Grey color 

Back to the basics, nobody can deny that 20 volume developer is best for 100% grey coverage with a long-lasting amount of time keeping the color on the hair.

Brown color 

When you have brown hair and you want to lighten your hair up a little bit but not too much, then 20 volume developer is perfect for this situation without any doubt. 

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color

Color that 20 volume developer suits best (Source: Internet)

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color?

Usually, the mixing ratio of hair color and 20 volume developer is 1:1, it means the amount of hair color you want to use is equal to the amount of 20 volume developer you mix with. The total amount of mixture depends on how thick or long your hair is so that it can cover every part of your hair. 

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color (Source: Internet)

But, if you want to make the effect stronger, to lighten your hair even more, then you can consider using a 1:1.5 or 1:2 mixing ratio. However, using too little or too much hair developer may cause the result look not as good as what you expected, or sometimes not good at all.

Finally, how much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color when you want to cover all your hair with grey? The answer is just simple, 1 part of hair color mix with 1 part of 20 volume developer should be enough for an excellent result since this method is famous worldwide. 

A small tip for anybody that is wondering how to measure the correct mixing ratio: You can take two small glasses with the same size, one glass is for the amount of hair color, and the other glass is for a part of hair developer. After that, use a kitchen scale to see the weight of both glasses, so you can figure out how to balance those two.

How long to leave 20 volume developer on our hair?

The recommended time for leaving 20 volume developer on our hair is more than 20 minutes and less than 30 minutes. But let’s look back at the title: “How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color?”, some people might question: does the time be affected by the mixing ratio? The answer is just a little bit, but even the 1:2 ratio wouldn’t prolong the time duration to more than 30 minutes.

In the case that you remove the 20 volume developer sooner than 20 minutes, your hair might not keep the color for a long time, also there may not be the slightest change in the color. And if you forget to remove the 20 volume developer after 30 minutes, your scalp would be in pain and the color would no longer be active.

Is 20 volume developer strong enough?

How much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color

Strength of different hair developers (Source: Internet)

Before getting to the answer, you should know the hair color you want to dye, so you can understand 20 volume developer is strong enough for what purpose. 

If the reason is to achieve a darker color, then 20 volume may not be the best option. Because, 20 volume developer is commonly used for lightening the hair, but you still can darken your hair with it as long as the color dye that is chosen must be darker than your hair at that time. Other than that, 10 volume developer is guaranteed the best solution for this situation.

In case you just want to lift your hair color tone a little bit, then 20 volume developer should be just enough. If you want the lifting effect even stronger, then you should consider how much 20 volume developer to mix with hair color, which you can check out the information above. Or, you can still use other hair developers that suit your desire. The decision is all up to you!   

Usually, when you are seeking a new look to refresh the old version of yours, you may take much notice of hair color and spend more time thinking it over. Little do you know that hair developer is as essential as its big brother in the whole process. Today’s blog post will help you clear up this fact and briefly introduce 30 volume developer to lighten hair for you.

To choose the right volume developer is one of the decisive steps to achieve your desired appearance. Therefore, you had better learn as much as possible about developers. You can refer to suggested blogs for more information and draw your own comparison among these types. 

Now, welcome you to a new term “hair developer” and find out what 30 volume developer can bring about!

What is hair developer, and what does it do?

It will be too rude to newcomers if we directly tell you what 30 volume developer to lighten hair is. We understand that some of you have just been interested in hair coloring and maybe this is the first time you have tried to know more about it. Therefore, just keep calm and follow us to be your own hair guru gradually. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

Have you ever seen one of them in hair salons? (Source: Internet)

Did you try to look it up in the dictionary to see what “developer” means? If yes, you may remember the third definition – a chemical substance that is used for developing photographs from a film. So, what is it related to hair and coloring?

[1] 2020. Developer Noun – Definition, Pictures, Pronunciation, And Usage Notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary At Oxfordlearnersdictionaries.Com. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 3 May 2020].

In fact, hair developer contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is considered one of the most common chemicals included in hair dyes, accompanied by ammonia, lead acetates, and PPDA. [2]Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic. 2020. Hair Dye Safety: What You Need To Know About Salon And Box Color. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 3 May 2020].. The standard amount of H2O2 helps to open the cuticle layer of your hair, and depending on the strength, the cuticle may lift more or less. 

So, any hair developer, including 30 volume developer to lighten hair, acts as an activator and if it were not for it, hair dye would not take effect. The reason is much simpler because, without them, hair dye cannot penetrate the hair shaft and turn permanent or at least leave there for days. 

Hair developer with hydrogen peroxide inside can be damaging if you do not follow proper instructions because, in the end, it is a harsh chemical agent. Therefore, if you feel that your strands cannot stand and colorists prove so, you may resort to ammonia-free hair dye, temporary hair color, or henna hair dye. However, from my personal experience, it was less permanent and did not bring about the final result that I really longed for. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

This is henna hair dye you may like if your hair is not resistant to peroxide (Source: Internet)

What is 30 volume developer to lighten hair?

On the way to get your necessary hair developer, you may see a variety of volumes of developers at the store. 5 years ago, there were only 4 volumes of developers, including 10 vol, 20 vol, 30 vol, and 40 vol. Things have changed now and you may be lost in 17 types of volumes out there. 

The volume of the developer produces different results on your hair and tint that it is blended with. The four popular types should be from 10 to 40. It is rumored that 50 and 60 volumes do exist but we have not had a chance to see and use it. If you happen to locate these, remember they are used for high-lift tints, and they are powerful. 

[3]Beauty, J., 2020. Hair To Dye For. [online] Google Books. Available at: <> [Accessed 3 May 2020].

So, what is the volume of hair developer? It literally shows the amount of hydrogen peroxide inside a bottle. For example, 10 vol developer is also called 3% peroxide, 20 vol developer has 6% peroxide, 30 volume developer to lighten hair include 9% peroxide, and so forth. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

This is L’Oreal Oreor crème 30 volume developer in this category (Source: Internet)

30 volume developer is considered a medium-lift developer who is a bit stronger and gives you lighter and more intense hair color than its brothers – 10 and 20 vol. How it works is similar to that of 20 volume developer, but it lightens the original hair color by two to three. It works well, especially when the wanted hair color is no more than two levels lighter. 

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30 volume developer to lighten hair

Before and after using blonde with the developer to lighten hair and get blonde balayage  (Source: Internet)

You should choose this type if you are looking for a developer, mainly working on a lighter and deeper color because it allows more pigment to penetrate strands. You can also utilize it on the scalp both for blonde formulas levels 6 to 10 and for highlights. 

Is 30 volume developer to lighten hair terrible for your hair?

Coloring hair has increasingly become the trend of the decade. Therefore, hair developer gradually gains much more concern than ever before. One of the major concerns is if it is safe to use. The answer is that hair developer does not do much damage, especially 10 vol and 20 vol.

However, when it comes to 30 volume developer to lighten hair, the answer is yes and no. No, if you do not wash, heat or style your hair and if you use it under detailed instructions and on healthy hair. Yes, if you violate one of the following cases:

The applied hair is pre-lightened and chemically processed.

When the volume is too low, your hair may not get as light as you desired, and you may feel a bit disappointed, which is fine. However, if the chemical is too strong, it can cause burns when touching the scalp. 

Therefore, just apply 30 volume developer on healthy virgin hair for three levels of lift, on beautiful hair for three levels of lift and coarse hair for two levels of lift. Do it carefully, and there will be no severe damage at all. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

Virgin hair – the hair you were born with (Source: Internet)

Use 30 volume developer to lighten hair which is already light.

30 volume developer to lighten hair

The journey to change brown hair to blonde hair with 30 volume developer to lighten hair (Source: Internet)

30 volume developer is a medium-lift for three levels, from 4 – brown to 7 – blonde, for example. Therefore, it can’t be used for light hair and please remember that 9% peroxide developer is specially designed for hair which is at the darkest levels. If your hair ranges from level 3 to the most mysterious level 1, then 30 volume developer to lighten hair is a perfect choice. 

The hair developer is placed at the wrong distance.

From our personal experience, 9% peroxide developer is so reliable that it can cause some irritation; thus, it should not be used directly on the scalp. Instead, you need to leave it 1 inch off the scalp. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

When 30 volume developer is appropriately used, there is little chance of getting damaged. (Source: Internet)

You leave it in the hair in more than 30 minutes.

As we have analyzed, you can see that 30 volume developer to lighten hair is not the right choice if you want to achieve the highest lightness levels from level 8 to level 10. However, the color is inactive even though your desired hair is just level 7 – blonde in the photo above. 

The answer is your time of application. If you leave it there for more than 30 minutes, this will render the color inactive. Please note this during your performance!

In short, 30 volume developer is terrible for your hair if you misuse it and without careful instructions. Otherwise, you can achieve your wanted look without suffering from any harm. Just believe us and enjoy your trip to the color universe!

How to lift hair color without damage

Hair developer will not cause any damage if your hair is virgin, you apply developer without mixing and if you are toning blonde only. However, if not, you may feel pain during the lightning process. The pain can be acute when your hair is already damaged. Therefore, we will share with you some tips to lift hair color safely and happily. 

Do a strand test before any application.

Global Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison from Schwarzkopf Professional [4] 2020. Schwarzkopf Professional – Together. A Passion For Hair. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 4 May 2020]. explains:

“A bit of product can produce different results, and it is too risky to apply it directly on your hair without any strand test.”

30 volume developer to lighten hair

Just a few minutes and you can be safe with the whole process (Source: Internet)

A strand test is like a game plan which can help you check the outcome before you get started with it. For hair developer, the test is to see if the volume is suitable and how long the process should be. 

The power is in the powder.

In its nature, hair developer does not cause any harm to the natural hair, but when it is a mixed powder, it is a different story. Do not blast dark hair with heat and a high developer because it is a prevalent misconception. Instead, you should use professional powder with a low developer. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

It can only be perfect if you follow the correct ratio after considering all the factors. (Source: Internet)

Can 30 volume developer lighten hair by itself?

Technically, 30 volume developer can lift out the color, but its primary purpose is in bleaching. When used alone, the developer will not lighten the hair very much because, without bleach, hydrogen peroxide cannot produce alkaline peroxide, which is capable of lightening hair color effectively. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

You cannot get the color you desire if you use 30 volume developer to lighten hair only (Source: Internet)

Moreover, hydrogen peroxide helps to open the hair cuticle and release artificial pigments at the same time. However, you do not add another component to alter pigments because bleach or color ammonia is not utilized. Then you are causing damages to your hair by accident without predicting any possible results. 

How to use 30 volume developer to lighten hair

 Save the best for the last! After giving you enough information about the product, we think it is time for you to go on practicing. You must wear gloves from the beginning to the end of the process and avoid brushing the combination between hair developer and bleach as much as possible. 

Now, let’s get started with applying some conditioner onto your hair one day before the day you plan to lighten the hair. It will help minimize possible damages that may arise. 

30 volume developer to lighten hair

Just do it as you always do while washing hair (Source: Internet)

Next, mix 30 volume developer to lighten hair with the suitable hair bleach. Stir the combination in the plastic bowl with the brush. The correct ratio should be 1 ounce of 30 volume developer and 1 ounce of bleach powder.

30 volume developer to lighten hair

This is the liquid measuring cup in the lightening kit you may see in almost all the available hair salons. (Source: Internet)

Then divide your hair into two parts, which are top and bottom. Do not forget some hair clips to secure each piece. Remember to grab a 2-inch section of hair from the bottom layer. To get even coverage, you had better brush all sides of the article from root to tip. 

Do it until you finish applying the mixture onto all the strands you desire to lighten. You should concentrate on the work because 30 volume developer can lighten your hair in a short time. The rule is to leave it there for no more than 30 minutes.

Once your hair reaches the lightness you want, rinse it from the developer and bleach. You can use a gentle shampoo to rinse thoroughly so that no hair product buildup can stay. Afterwards, you can apply a toner to remove the orange tint which appears if your hair is naturally dark and you seem to lighten too much. Use your fingers to run through the nose and leave the toner there for 10 minutes before rinsing. Now, you are proud to say that you can use 30 volume developer to lighten hair by yourself. 

References 2020. Developer Noun – Definition, Pictures, Pronunciation, And Usage Notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary At Oxfordlearnersdictionaries.Com. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 3 May 2020].
2Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic. 2020. Hair Dye Safety: What You Need To Know About Salon And Box Color. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 3 May 2020].
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A long hair is always a dream and a pride of being a woman. Done, it does not only bring beauty, confidence, distinctions … but besides, sometimes the hair also gives you unnecessary troubles. Typically, you have to spend hours removing your hair when it is tangled.

Tangled hair is one of the troubles that hair gives you. The longer the hair, the easier it is to tangle. The cause of hair tangles and clumps in hair is wind, sunshine or because the hair is too dry, fibrous … Sometimes, lazy brushing of hair can also cause this condition.

Once your hair is tangled, it will take you a few minutes or even many hours, to remove all of these tangles. But not only that, because in addition to causing you to lose hours, it also makes your hair fall and breaks more, the scalp also suffers from that hurts. Therefore, untangling hair is something no one wants to appear on their hair. In this article, let’s find out how to detangle matted hair painlessly with us.

Choosing Products

Step 1: Choose a hair care product. Normal conditioners are worth a try if you haven’t used them yet, but if your hair is so badly tangled, you may need to resort to another option. Intensive hair conditioner is great for restoring moisture to the hair and makes it easier to remove, while the tangled hair conditioner helps to add lubrication to the hair. Coconut oil, olive oil or Moroccan argan oil can also be used instead and is particularly useful for curly hair. If you don’t like the feel of oil on your hair, try using hairspray.

  • Some people use mayonnaise, but this material may have an unpleasant odor and is less effective than other options.
how to detangle matted hair painlessly

Untangle Severely Matted Hair (Source: Internet)

Step 2: Moisturize hair. Spray your hair to moisten your hair, or catch it quickly under the shower or a small open faucet in the sink. Most hair care products have to be applied to damp hair, but if you soak it in water, it will break more easily.

Step 3:  Rub the product onto hair. Use a sufficient amount of product in the palm of your hand, or double if you have hair over your shoulder. Rub the product over all hair sections, including the ends. Rub hair one piece at a time instead of rubbing it all at once to avoid further tangling.

how to detangle matted hair painlessly

How to detangle matted hair painlessly (Source: Internet)

Step 4: Wait for the product to work on the hair. The conditioner will usually finish moisturizing the hair in minutes. For best results, coconut oil and similar oils need to stay on the hair for at least 30 minutes, but not more than 2 hours. The amount of time you spend on intensive conditioner will vary according to the directions on the package, but usually, this oil needs to be on your hair for at least an hour and can be left on overnight in the case of serious tangled hair.

To keep your hair neat and tidy, wrap a shower cap or plastic bag over your head and put the headband on. You can also snap a hat that fits snugly outside the plastic bag for quick access.

Step 5: Use your fingers to remove the most tangled hair that is easy to untangle. When the product has enough time to work, try to gently separate each tangled hair. Sometimes small knots or slightly tangled hair can be split into smaller sections towards the hairline, near the scalp.

Don’t expect your hair to get rid of tangles right here. If you feel tight, stop and try removing tangled hair in other areas.

Brushing your hair: The second part on how to detangle matted hair painlessly

Step 1: Use a comb to comb hair.

You need to use a wide and firm tooth comb to comb the severely tangled sections of your hair. The tight tooth comb and the hairbrush are often easy to get stuck, forcing you to pull out tangled hair or stop brushing.

Remember to choose a comb that is not too sparse that small tangles can pass through.

Step 2: Combing hair ends first. Always start combing near the end of your hair when dealing with tangled hair. Put the comb a few centimeters from the end of your hair and brush it down. Comb until the hair is gone, then move the brush up a bit. Repeat this process for the rest of the hair. If you have long, thick hair or are seriously tangled, it may take up to an hour or more to comb.

how to detangle matted hair painlessly

You should choose the specific hairbrush for detangling matted hair (Source: Internet)

Step 3: Hold your hair up a bit to avoid pain. If you have a sensitive scalp, pick up your hair while brushing. Grasp a section of hair the size of a marker pen across your fingers and turn it a little bit so your scalp won’t get stretched. Brush the hair under the hand, moving upwards when the lower hair has been removed.

Image titled Untangle Severely Matted Hair Step 9

Step 4: Rub conditioner or oil if necessary. Rub a few drops of conditioner or oil into the stubborn knots. Hair conditioner will help lubricate your hair and reduce the likelihood of hair entanglement.

Step 5: Use thin scissors to remove stubborn hair

You may need to trim your hair if the messy hair doesn’t come out even though you tried your best. Pull the hair in one hand and the hair in the other. Use the back of the blade to cut along the underside of the tangled hair, then gently pull it out to remove any loose hair.

If you haven’t combed your hair for a few weeks or months, perhaps cutting out your messy hair is your best option, as it could take hours to remove your hair and it may not work.

Image titled Untangle Severely Matted Hair Step 11

Step 6: Use a snug comb or a hairbrush to complete hair removal

Use a comb to comb until all the tangled and tangled hair is straightened. Switch to a tight comb or hairbrush to remove any small knots that may be left.

Image titled Untangle Severely Matted Hair Step 12

Step 7: Shampoo

Rinse hair care products off after troubleshooting. If you have frizzy hair and severely tangled hair that has been split enough to split the hair, use separate hair clips and blow off one section at a time.

How to prevent hair from getting tangled again

After learning how to detangle matted hair painlessly, you may be curious about how to prevent this situation and make your hair a lot smoother. Read the information below to understand how we can do to avoid detangling hair again.

Step 1: Use dry conditioner.

You can leave the conditioner on your hair for several hours at a time. This conditioner helps to moisturize hair, preventing tangles that may occur when the hair is already dry.

how to detangle matted hair painlessly

Dry conditioner can help to prevent the tangles (Source: Internet)

Step 2: Comb your hair when it’s wet but not soaked

Too dry hair will become brittle and difficult to comb. Hair that is too wet will easily fall out. Find a neutral solution, which is to brush while your hair is still damp but not dripping wet.

Step 3: Plait braids loose before sleep

If you often wake up with messy hair, try braiding your hair before going to bed to limit this. You can also choose a bun instead of a braid.

Step 4: Detach easily tangled hair before washing

If you have frizzy hair or another easy-to-tangle hairstyle, split your hair into sections and clips to separate them. Take turns clamping each hairpiece to wash, and clamping back before removing the clip on the next hair. This helps to reduce the possibility of forming larger sections of tangled hair.

A mild lather-free shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate is recommended for this type of hair.

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Tips on how to detangle matted hair painlessly


how to detangle matted hair painlessly

How to prevent this situation again? (source: Internet)


  • Try not to leave a hairstyle unattended for weeks or months without grooming or care, as this can cause additional discomfort.
  • Oil or oil-based hair care products help to lubricate and separate hair strands. If you want to use a greasy anti-shine product on your hair, you need to wait until the messy hair is removed.
  • An effective way to untangle your hair is to simply look for large sections of tangled hair, then gradually remove small strands of hair to make them smaller. However, this method requires patience and can be very time-consuming.
  • Twice weekly oil treatment can prevent tangled hair.

Have you ever wonder the length of the six inches of hair? Or will your appearance be like when it reaches to twelve inches? When there isn’t any ruler, it’s very difficult to measure visually what is the length of your hair is by just touching it or seeing it on the mirror. You will never notice this thing if you have the best knowledge how to visually measure it, either. We are all horrible at that. A lot of people do not have any idea on how long is 12 inches of hair for sure.

If you’re in the this situation, not only you, but a lot of other people also tried their best to explore this issue. In this article, we are going to give you some of the most proper photographic examples which will be useful for you to judge your own natural hair.

The Real Truth about the length of your own natural hair

Measuring the length of the hair by yourself  is hard. Because you will not have someone to help you all the time to check its length or to estimate the hair’s length for you.

In order to truly take good care of the hair, it’s important for you to have knowledge and understand about it thoroughly from the inside out. It means that finding out suitable and healthy conditioners, how to nourish it with the foods you are eating, or how to avoid dead ends, which are the most basic things, but this also means that you ought to get to know about your hair. This will help to find out how to really and correctly measure your hair just at a glance. Measuring correctly with visualization will absolutely improve your perception.

#1: How Long Is Six Inches of Hair? Short 6 inch hair

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

Short Choppy Hairstyles of the 6 inches hair (Source: Internet)

Do you know what is the length of six inches of hair? You have come to the right place. Also, base on the hairstyle and the texture of your hair, six inches can be a little bit longer or shorter. Some hairstyle will make the six inch hair look shorter such as curly or wavy hair as the hair shaft has been coiled and spiraled.

#2: How Long Is Ten Inches of Hair? Medium Short length of 10 Inches Hair

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

The length of 10 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

10 inches of hair length is described as the transitional cuts which can fall somewhere from short to medium-length. More typically, your hair will reach the nape of your neck if it has the length of 10 inches. At this length, it starts to be long enough for you to make a hairstyle of a ponytail, or you can just simply let it go loosely without too much styling.

#3: How long is 12 inches of hair Whole Foot of Hair – medium hairstyle for girl


How Long is 12 Inches of hair

This is the length of 12 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

With the length of 12 inches, your hair will be is a bit longer than the shoulder length hair. This length touches your shoulders or it will reach the top part of your back. As long as length goes, the length of 12 inches of hair will be right in the middle. And this is just the perfect choice for any girl who loves a original medium length haircut.

#4: How long is 16 inches long hair – Sweet 16

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

This is the length of 16 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

And now, after how long is 12 inches of hair, the next length of hair that we are going to discuss about is the length of 16 inches of hair. This is a kind of a mid-back length. Factoring in your height and the texture of your hair, a 16-inch hair length would reach the center of your back, or perhaps a bit lower.

#5: The 22 View – An attractive long hairstyle for girls

How Long is 12 Inches of hair

The length is 22 inches of hair (Source: Internet)

When your hair reaches the length of 22 inches, you’re completely in the long hair team. And this is a fact for you: the length of 22 inches of curly hair will be at the same place as one of  16-18 inches of the straight hair. Because you know, curly ladies, the curly hair will always get longer when you straighten it.

How to choose the best Hairstyle for Women Around The World

After you understand how long is 12 inches of hair, 6 inches of hair, 10 inches of hair, and so on, it will be a lot easier to judge your hair growth. Did you measure your hair? Share with us the longest one of your hair that it’s ever been!

When choosing hair extensions to buy,  it can be hard for you to make a decision what length of wig to choose from,  so that in this article at Belady Hair, we are going to give you you the ultimate guide on how to choose the right length of hair for you!

Getting the length of your hair extensions right is critical. You want luscious longs, but you want your dreamy hair to look natural and blend well with your own hair at the same time.

We offer a variety of sets in several beautiful lengths here at Belady Hair, so you are sure to find the best length for you. If you want to ask us again how long is 12 inches of hair as well as other length, we are always willing to give you the answer.

The most popular set of our company, the Classic Set, is available in four lengths: 12 inches to 14 inches, 16 inches to 18 inches, 20 inches to 22 inches, and 24 inches to 26 inches.  Although our Quad Weft Set and Triple Weft Set are available in two lengths: 16 inches – 18 inches and 20 inches – 22 inches. Now you have known about how to measure the length of hair and how long is 12 inches of hair and other types of length, this job will be much easier.

The most common and flexible length is 20-22 inches, but it depends on height and frame of each different person. I’m 5 ft 4 inches, for instance, and the perfect length for me is 16-18 inches as this height reaches my bust.

The easiest way to check the length of hair extension is to measure downwards from the middle of your ear by using a tape measure. This will tell you exactly where the hair extensions will drop on you and it will also give you an information of how much longer you can have compare the hair extensions to your own hair.

We would like to recommend you choose extensions which are not too longer than your own natural hair. Even though it’s still no problem to wear long extensions in short hair, hair that is more subtly extended and blended with hair extensions will tend to look a lot more natural.

As a rule of thumb, hair that is shorter than the length of the shoulder will take longer extensions and hair that is the length of the shoulder and above tends to work better with extensions of no more than 20-22 inches. So it’s best to be practical with your choice of length to prevent a hair extension mishap-but don’t worry, you’ll still have enviable length and size!

Follow these guide and then you’ll definitely get your dreamy hair length and volume in anytime time that you want

How to choose the suitable length of hair based on face shape after finding out how long is 12 inches of hair

Oval face:

The oval face is the perfect face because it can suit any short hairstyle from gentle to most personal. Whether it is a curly bob head, a deflated bob, a silly bang, or a crooked hair … it is all easy for you. With an oval face, you just need to choose the hairstyle that suits your style and personality. Slightly curly or messy bob or lob hairstyles all give you a feminine, elegant look, while pixie cut hair embodies a strong, personal style.

Oval face

Round face:

If you have a round face and want to choose a suitable short hairstyle, long bob with chin or shoulder length lob is the perfect hairstyle for you. In particular, bob head style with a long diagonal bangcovering half of the face, thin, thin bang will contribute to reduce the fullness of the face.

Round face


With a small face, don’t let the bang be too long or thick, so the bang will cover most of your face. Choose a bobtail or a middle hairstyle and leave your bangs unattended to create a more elegant and longer face.


Small face

Angled surface:

Your square, angular face is not easily hidden by the short hairstyle. However, you can still get short hair just by choosing carefully trimmed layered hairstyles. It is these staggered curls that will make your face less square and masculine and become more attractive and balanced. Absolutely avoid ultra short hairstyles if you do not want to be “exposed” to the rough defects of the face. Instead, the trimmed hairstyles gently down to the chin or shoulder length, hugging also promote the effect of covering both sides of the jawline, square, softening the “rough” features of the face.

Long face:

Trimming short hair to create thickness, bobbing and bangs covering the forehead is the right hairstyle for those who own an oblong face. “Awesome” thick bangs will help you cover the forehead, reduce the length of the face, so when choosing short hairstyles, pay special attention to the style of the bang you will be. You can choose the shape of flat or diagonal but not too long or thin bang in the middle and long on both sides … , sweeter and more attractive. If you are fascinated with sexy curly hair, the big wave curls will help you regain the right proportions for the face, making the rough long face become softer and softer.