How Long Is 14 Inches Of Hair -What You May Not Know?

In reality, not many people know the actual length of their hair. We can only tell the difference among types of haircuts, such as ear length, chin-length, chest-length, mid-back length, etc.

From the hair length, the ear-length refers to a short hairstyle, while chest length is a mid-length, and bottom back length means a longer haircut. But do we pay attention to exactly how long our hair is?

On the other hand, for those who love the mid-length hairstyle, the hair length can be a concern. A 14 inches haircut is considered a suitable length when compared to 16 inches of hair.

To find out the answer about your hair length, let’s look at these questions first: How long is 14 inches of hair? And How to grow 14 inches of hair?

What Does 14 Inches Of Hair Look Like?

A 14-inch length haircut is a few inches below the shoulder, creating more volume for the hair. When being straightened, a 14-inch hair extension is about 35 centimeters. It means that it reaches the armpit length for a woman at an average height. If your neck is longer, the position can be different.

This style is considered popular among women worldwide due to the feminine look the hairstyle offers.

How Long Is 14 Inches Of Hair?

Although you can tell how long 14 inches of hair through measurements, what if you don’t have the necessary tools to do so? Consider using your eyes as a method of measurement!

You can easily tell the difference between 12 inches and 14 inches of hair, depending on those following features:

In general, 12 inch and 14-inch hair extensions are below the shoulder. Especially, 14-inch hair length often reaches the armpit while 12-inch does not.

While a 12-inch haircut is ideal for an improved style, 14 inches hair enhances the hair volume as it improves the length.

How Long Is 14 Inches Of Hair
The difference between 12 inches and 14 inches hair

From our experience, it looks more natural and feminine having a 14-inch hair than the 12-inch hair extensions. The slight change in hair length can dramatically change your look. Consider that length whenever you want to go for a new haircut.

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We always recommend to our customers 14 inches of haircut for the most natural-looking appearance. With this ideal length, it is perfect to choose an attractive mid-length texture. Hair extensions can vary from straight, curly to wavy. Fumi, kinky, or yaki hair also goes well with this length.

Is It Possible To Grow 14 Inches In A Year?

Natural hair growth is a popular desire for many women. So is it possible to have 14 inches of hair growth in a short period? The answer is yes, but with proper treatment.

Your hair will grow slow or fast, depending on a wide range of factors like your genes, family inheritance, hair products, or intake nutrition.

If you know about the hair growth cycles, you’ll get that your hair is unstoppably growing. The length retention might play a vital role in many ways, and it’s often underrated.

how long is 14 inches of hair
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In the hair product market, manufacturers provide various hair growth products that capitalize on customers’ curiosity. Hair Care products are falsely claimed to grow hair within a few months. There are also articles on secret methods that can boost your hair growth. But did these things work out? Or manufacturers intend to capitalize on the desire of customers who are craving for longer hair?

The hair can grow to 14 inches per year, but there is a truth that the process for hair growth may vary for each person.

During the hair growth process, it’s all about the right treatment to reduce your hair’s bad impacts. For example, naturally straight hair often takes a year and a half to grow to 14 inches. But if your hair goes through bleaching, curling, etc., the period can be longer, at about two years.

How Long Does It Take To Grow 14 Inches Of Hair?

Hair won’t grow immediately. It occurs at approximately ½ inch per month, meaning that it’ll take a year or more for hair to grow about 6 inches. That’s for hair growth with proper treatment.

For hair without treatment, the measurement from the top of your head to the top of your shoulder is 12 inches, and you have an average of ½ inches of hair growth every month; it can take about 1.5 – 2 years (or more) to achieve armpit length hair. Here is an example of hair extensions for women; however, men can apply it for their hair as well.

How Long Is 14 Inches Of Hair
Gallery of 14 inches long hair for men and women

However, you can shorten the period by applying various therapies, from hair care regimen to intake nutrition for hair, and your routine to maintain the hair length as well. We always recommend our customers to use less chemical hair care products and focus on nutrition intake that works the best for hair growth. For example, green foods like avocado and spinach can boost the chance of hair growth, and oatmeal performs well in strengthening your hair.


We hope our post has provided you with a precise answer to the question: How long is 14 inches of hair.

So, besides hair regimen, if you crave the hair to grow longer to 14 inches, we recommend using hair extensions. It is the most effective way to deal with the problem in a short period, instead of waiting for a whole year.

However, choosing the right length for your hair is not an easy task, because we don’t know which length of the haircut will meet your requirement well. It’s a circle of trial and error, finding yourself the most suitable haircut to build up the most natural and feminine appearance.