How Long Is 16 Inches Of Hair? The Guide to Hair Care That All Beauty Junkies Need!

Hair! Ahh… the blessing of mother nature to humans, and humans only. Rather than just a mere part of the body that keeps our fragile scalp hidden from the sight of the intense sunlight and the chilling rain, it even plays the significant role of complementing our look and giving the world a glimpse of our own personality.

So, no doubt about it – hair is a human’s best friend! This is one among the various reasons why those fancy themselves beauty queens across the globe have been going the extra miles trying to grow their hair faster. And the ideal length most always do their best to target is 16 inches.

But how long is 16 inches of hair anyway? Wonder no longer, let us put your curiosity at rest!

How Long Is 16 Inches Of Hair?

How Long Is 16 Inches Of Hair
This is how 16 inches of hair look like

What does 16 inches of hair look like?

The way we see it, 16 inches of hair growth is the hair style that will appeal to those interested in longer weaves, but find the mid-waist hair length a bit too much to take. For 16 inches, the tresses will grow past your shoulder, stretch further down your shoulder blade, then tiptoed just a bit more until it barely reaches the back territory.

But as we do not share the same body frame, this does not apply to everyone. The shape of your neck and face play an important role in deciding

Still, this is merely an approximate estimation. To see for yourself how 16-inch hair looks on you, take your structure and other special appearance traits into consideration. That will probably deliver a more precise answer.

How Can You Grow 16 Inches Of Hair In The Shortest Time?

How long does it take to grow 16 inches of hair? Longer than you can think of! Provided that our body only allows hair to grow about half an inch in length on a monthly basis, the shortest time for a huge number as 16 inches can never be less than 30 months.

So, is it possible to grow 16 inches in a year? Not very likely! Unless you have got your hand on some magical hair products, or just have some really unusual genes.

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In brief, you’d better summon all the patience you can have right now, for that is going to be a long wait. But on the bright side, you can cut the time short by a month or so by following some of our ultimate tips below.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Chances are that nobody has let you in on this before, but when it comes to hair care, trimming is the start of all the glory. Just pick up a lock of your hair and bring it closer to your eyes, what do you see? Split ends? Entangled bit? Broken strands? Their very existence holds back your hair development and weaken its structure.

Do not feel down yet! With a quick trim here and there, you can dispose of them all and encourage hair growth along the way. This special ‘inspection and elimination’ should be carried out every three months, when the damages have only begun rearing their ugly heads.

Take In Enough Crucial Nutrients

How Long Is 16 Inches Of Hair
Certain foods contain natural ingredients that boost hair growing

Food and hair growth share a closer link than you can ever imagine, as whatever coming in your stomach will decide whatever coming out of your scalp. The nutrients you absorb every single day have an even more powerful boosting effect for hair development than those high-end shampoos on the shelf of your bathroom!

To be able to grow past your shoulder and all while still remaining as strong as it can get, hair requires a suitable amount of protein, biotin, and a ton of other hair growth-promoting nutrients such as iron and vitamin. Now, your job is to find out which food is packed with them, and add them to your daily meal plan.

Less shampoo, more conditioner

How Long Is 16 Inches Of Hair
When coming in excessive amount, even shampoo can be a disaster

Most beauty geeks pour all their money into shampoo with hair growth-promoting ingredients, believing that will be the key to the 16-inch hair they have long craved for. Stop, just stop! The notion that shampoo comes to your rescue for every hair problem is a big misconception.

There is no denying that the endless bottles on your bathroom shelf play a vital role in protecting your hair. But they only stop at that. As a matter of fact, to have enough power that peel all the unwanted matters accumulated through daily activities from your hair, shampoos are designed to be sulfate-rich. But this is stronger than you imagine, and will even wash away all the vital hair oil essential for hair growth as well.

Rather than shampoo, focusing on hair conditioner instead. This is the one that takes on the role of the caretaker in the world of hair growth. Filled with substances that heal the wounded strands and nurture your rough, weak hair back to its healthy and silky state, conditioner is the magical product that we all need.

Say No To Elastic hair ties

How Long Is 16 Inches Of Hair
Although convenient, these rounded bands can spell doom for your hair

Many of us cannot get enough of elastic hair ties. They are so cheap that even daily purchase hardly thin your wallet, and nothing beat them when it comes to keeping our hair from obscuring our sight.

Still, we doubt that you would want them wrapping around your locks once you find out the shocking truth behind these seemingly harmless bands. Elastic hair ties do not embrace your hair when you have them all, they squeeze the living daylight out of it. How could the fragile strands take these brutal assaults? They will soon break at the tension point where the elastics wrap around them.

If you feel the need to pull your hair up from time to time, consider switching to some other friendly approaches. Helpful claw clips which gather your hair up in one bundle without applying pressure on them in the process might serve as an effective alternative.

Bleach Is Another Big No!

How Long Is 16 Inches Of Hair
Bleach is hair’s silent killer, avoid them!

We are all hit with an urge to change our old and lame hair color to something with a trendy vibe that the whole world is after. But if you know what good for you, never allow the voice of this desire to overwhelm that of your logic. Bleach is not just bad for your hair, it will send those fragile strands you hold dear into a living hell.

During the bleaching process, the cuticles of your hair will be forced to open up, which will no doubt result in a ton of problems facing your hair growth attempt. And do you know that the chemicals made up the dye are the worst thing that hair might experience? They can weaken its structure for as long as they remain on your head, resulting in even more split ends and brittle strands that leave you with no option but to cut them all away.

So, if you have an appointment with the hair salon this weekend to give your hair a new makeover, cancel it, now!


There you have it! A comprehensive answer regarding the question of how long is 16 inches of hair with detailed and straight to the point details. Taking care of your hair and grow it out just the way you always desire might be no small feat, but it is nowhere near an impossible challenge. As long as you stick to the golden principles in hair caring, and do your best to steer clear of the potential dangers, the desired results will soon come your way.