How Long Is 18 Inches of hair? What Should You Eat To Achieve Such Ultimate Hair Growth?

We all know that watching hair grow is something so tedious and boring that it makes watching paint dry seem like a roller coaster ride. The rule of the human body has already stated 0.5 inches of hair per month is all you are going to get. How long does it take to grow 18 inches of hair at that rate? A year or two, depending on your body type and your age.

You do not think you can possibly wait that long as your needs to have longer, shiny and attractive hair are about to drive you nuts? Then perhaps the best solution is to appease your body, staying on the good side of your own system and then it might be willing enough to fix the rule for you and speed up the hair growth process.

But first, let’s answer the question of: “How long is 18 inches of hair?”

How Long Is 18 Inches of hair?

How Long Is 18 Inches of hair
What does 18 inches of hair look like?

What does 18 inches of hair look like? Despite sounding like an incredible length, as long as hair is concerned, 18 inches only falls around the medium range. Going past your face, neck and tumbling down in a free manner until it reaches the middle of your back – that is 18 inches of hair growth.

Human hair type carries a message about their personality, and this is no exception. 18 inches of hair gives a subtle hint that you take great care of yourself, as well as your appearance. You know what they say, only those that consider look as one of their utmost priority can find the time and summon the effort to ensure that every strand of hair growing from their head is in tip-top condition.

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Still, hair with 18-inch length will not look the same on everyone. This makes sense, actually, given the fact that head shape, body frame, and hair type differ from people to people. Combined together, these factors play an integral role in deciding how long your hair appears to be.

If you have wavy strands flow down your back, you will understand what we are talking about. Hair with bends in texture can be much shorter than hair coming down in a straight mane, even though they both share the same length. In this case, 18 inches might strike you as merely 16 inches.

Which Body Parts That Decide Hair Growth?

how long is 18 inches of hair
Follicles are the body parts that nourish your hair

Have you ever wondered where your hair sprouts out from?

Hair actually comes from something called follicle hiding beneath your skin. The blood running through your body keeps it well developed. When the time comes, the little strand pops out of his home, wriggles all the way up until it reaches the inner layer of your scalp before breaking through the surface and meets the outside world.

So, even when you are confident with your state of health and take pride in the meal of shampoo and conditioner you feed your hair every day, it would not make a big difference. Not until you learn to direct your care to the follicle. Otherwise, 0.5 inches per month is all you are going to get.

If you are interested in certain methods to appease those essential parts and convince them to reduce the long wait time, the brief list below might be what you need.

Three Wonderful Hair Care Tips For Every One

A change in your eating habit

How Long Is 18 Inches of hair
Eating the right food can do wonders for your hair

What you eat plays a pivotal role in stimulating hair growth. Keratin, protein, fatty acid, as well as vitamins, have a strong connection to the development and well-being of your hair, and can all be founded in the food you consume every day. If you have made it your goal to grow 18 inches of hair until the end of the year, these are the food groups you must focus on.

One thing to keep in mind, if you love your hair, you have to take in food with these properties no matter what. Without them, the follicles will weaken, resulting in hair loss – a situation that none wishes to face.

So, is egg a common part of your daily menu? How about seafood rich in fat and certain green foods such as spinach or beans? Then it is about time to stock up some in your fridge as you will have to increase the daily amount of them soon.

Scalp massage

There is nothing a good massage cannot fix, including hair growth issue! By brushing your fingers against your scalp in a tender manner, you can stretch the follicles’ cell, encouraging them to produce thicker hair in return. Some of the blood vessels running across your scalp can benefit from this gentle gesture as well. Like the cells, they are going to dilate, stimulating the hair growth process – you remember what we said earlier about how blood nourishes your hair, right?

There are various ways that you can carry out this special hair care treatment. Doing so during bath time is a method that appeals to many as it allows them to save quite an amount of time. You can also purchase certain tools and brushes that can double as a massager for scalp. Or, if you can afford the cost, booking an appointment with a professional therapist can be a great idea. You can have your hair stimulated while your body relax at the same time!

Sleep On Silk Pillow


How Long Is 18 Inches of hair
A comfy silk pillow can be the key to strong, silky hair

Even what you sleep on can make or break your hair care journey, especially since they make direct contact with your hair and all the follicles attached to it. The unconscious tossing and turning in your slumber, the friction between your hair and the pillow, all of them can forcefully yank your hair out of the scalp at once.

That is why to reduce hair loss and let your follicles know that you do care for them, switching to a soft silk pillow is a must. It will allow you to have a good night’s sleep all night long, knowing that your hair is under proper protection and your 18-inch locks will soon come your way.


Looking after your hair is like bringing up a child. You care for it, you give it the right nutrients it needs, and only then can it develop well, reaching the length you desire. Through our guide, we have answered the question of how long is 18 inches of hair, as well as introducing some basic hair care tips that you can apply right now to improve the health of your locks. All you need now is a little patience, and the hair of your dream will come before you even realize.