How Long is 22 Inches of Hair? The Truth about Your Hair Length

The hair length can determine how you look or which hairstyle is best for you, but it’s not easy to estimate the size of your hair. Sometimes precision can make a huge difference, and thus, the right length is going to give your new hairstyle an even more gorgeous look. But you’re not really sure about the answer to the question “how long is 22 inches of hair?”.

Check out this article to help you visualize your hair length through photographic examples.

What Does 22 Inches of Hair Look Like?

Depending on how you style your hair, 22 inches of hair can appear to be a little bit longer or shorter. In general, 22 inch long is considered long hair, which is equal to 55-56 centimeters.

If you have straight hair, it can reach all the way down to your waist based on how tall you are. Since hair length is measured in straight form, 22 inches of curly or wavy hair will appear to be shorter. The more wavy it is, the shorter it looks.

For relevance, 22 inches of curly hair looks like 20 inches of straight hair, and that of wavy hair is approximately 18 inches of straight hair.

how long is 22 inches of hair
Comparison of hair length in different styles

Growing hair at this length requires a lot of care, patience, and time but it’s totally worth it. You can flex your hair in all kinds of stunning hairstyles to switch up your look, from a soft, feminine, and innocent look to a mature, boss lady style.

The perk of having 22-inch long hair is you can rock the sporty, stylish look now and pull off a classy, ladylike style the next day with just a little twist of braids or buns to spice it up.

How Long Does It Take to Grow 22 Inches of Hair?

When you desire for your hair to grow faster, somehow it seems like it never budges a millimeter, and you start growing impatience. But is it possible to grow 22 inches in a year?

The truth is the hair grows in three stages, and how fast it grows depends largely on your age, hair type, gene, and even health conditions.

Nevertheless, on average, hair can grow half an inch per month. By math, it can take roughly three years to have 22 inches of hair growth. But in reality, it depends on your current hair length, so the actual process is way shorter.

Besides the fixed determinants like genes or hair types, there are many methods to help your hair grow slightly faster and stronger. The cycle of hair growth includes three stages:

  • The anagen phase: when hair actively grows;
  • The catagen phase: when hair stops growing;
  • The telogen: when hair starts falling out.

The anagen phase is when your hair actively grows, which can last three to eight years. If you can stimulate this phase, your hair will grow a lot better.

For example, there are various hair products or natural essential oils that can stimulate hair growth, provide nutrients, and keep the hair strong and shiny. The most effective oils are jojoba, coconut, and castor oils.

However, vitamins and nutrients do not directly help hair grow longer, they improve your hair strength and reduce hair loss. Omega-3 and 6, vitamin C, vitamin D, and iron are great nutrients for you to maintain adequate intake.

If you don’t want to take the time to grow hair in such a long time, recently, many high-quality wigs and hair extensions that look just like real hair.

Although it can’t be compared to growing your natural hair, hair extension has many benefits, such as it has a long life span, can protect hair and scalp from hair products, and help you save time.

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How to Take Care of Your Waist-length Hair

As your hair grows longer, it takes a lot of care and patience to keep it strong and silky. When your hair reaches the length of 22 inches, you may encounter problems like hair loss, dry hair, split ends, or damaged hair.

Of course, with the right techniques and a proper hair routine, you can always maintain your hair in the best condition no matter what length it is.

First of all, choosing suitable hair products is important, but you should pay attention to maintaining the hair care routine. Apart from washing with shampoo, it would be best to use a regular conditioner for the most glorious effect. Furthermore, if you already have damaged hair from heat styling or hair dye, you should use deep conditioning and cream.

However, you shouldn’t overwash your hair. Washing every day will strip the natural oil of your scalp, resulting in dry and brittle hair.

Besides that, taking good care of your body will also benefit your hair health. Drinking a lot of water, and maintaining a balanced diet with high vitamin and nutrients will encourage hair growth.

When you comb, a wide-tooth brush is the best choice to gently detangle your hair without causing more hair loss and split ends. You should avoid brushing right after shower because wet hair is more fragile, then gently combing from the ends up to minimize stress on the strands.

how long is 22 inches of hair
Choosing the right hairbrush is important to prevent hair breakage

On another note, when your hair is getting longer, you often want to style it in a ponytail or bun with hair ties. Sometimes hair ties can put too much pressure on your scalp, causing pain and hair damage. Therefore, you can prevent hair breakage by styling in a low ponytail, loose buns, or braids, and remember not to tie your hair too tight.

Finally, regular trimming can reduce split ends and even help your hair grow faster. You should trim your hair once every one or two months, and remember not to cut too much to keep your hair length.

Gallery of 22 Inches Long Hair for Men and Women

Long hair isn’t limited to genders. The great thing about having long hair is that there seem to be no limits when it comes to styling, blurring the line between innocence and maturity, femininity, and masculinity. Check out this gallery of 22 inches long hair for both men and women to get inspiration for a fabulous hairstyle.

how long is 22 inches of hair
Long straight hair is flexible for styling
how long is 22 inches of hair
Long wavy hair
how long is 22 inches of hair
Cool hairstyle for long thin hair


how long is 22 inches of hair
Loose curly ginger hair
how long is 22 inches of hair
A simple yet mesmerizing style with long straight hair
how long is 22 inches of hair
Male ‘Rapunzel’ with waist-length ginger hair


Long hairstyles are perfect for you to have a lot of options to try with different styles, whether you are men or women. From a playful to a classy look, just a bit of styling can give you an effortlessly gorgeous hairstyle.

Although growing and taking care of long hair needs patience, it isn’t that difficult if you have proper hair care. Now that you’ve known how long is 22 inches of hair and how long it takes to grow, we hope this article can be helpful. Thanks for reading!