How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair On Both Men And Women?

Long hairstyles are still trendy, even in 2020. It is beautiful, sensual, and can add an extra feminine flavor to a woman or make her look sexier against a white pillow.

There are many different lengths for you to choose from, but I think a 26-inch haircut perfectly fits every girl who wants to have a long haircut. You do not need to become a real-life Rapunzel to be attractive. A 26-inch hair length is enough to symbolize your femininity and health. So, how long is 26 inches of hair?

How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair?

What does 26 inches of hair look like? It is not easy to visually measure its exact length without a ruler, even by touching it or peering into the mirror. Don’t worry! We are in the same boat, and a few photographic examples are provided right below for you to improve your perception. Here you go.

How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair
How long is 26 inches of hair?

In the picture, the length of hair is demonstrated for you to imagine easily . 26 inches of growth hair is equivalent to 45 cm, and it is, most of the time, longer than back length and is expected to touch your waist but depending on your hair texture and your body height.

You will see a slight difference in each texture, namely curly, straight, and wavy hair. Wavy or curly hair will be shorter than straight one since its shaft is coiled and spiraled. However, when measuring the length, hair should be straight or stretched instead of being measured directly.

How Long Does It Take To Grow 26 Inches Of Hair?

How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair
Different lengths of hair (Source: Internet)

Scientific research claims that the hair on our head grows about half an inch (1 to 1,5 centimeters) per month on average, which means its length normally increases about six inches per year. The faster your hair grows, the less chance of breakage your hair will suffer.

So to answer the question above, you can estimate by adding about 6 inches to your current hair length to know the time needed. For example, if your hair is a bit longer than shoulder length now, it may normally take you about two years to have 26 inches of growth hair.

However, our hair growth speed will depend on many factors such as which age group we belong to, what our hair type is, our sex, overall health, other health conditions, genetic predisposition, and countless environmental factors.

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Is It Possible To Grow 26 Inches In A Year?

From what mentioned above, if your hair is about 20 inches right now and you are at your normal health stage, this length can be easily achieved.

However, if it is shorter than 20 inches, and you want it to grow faster than usual, there are methods to promote hair growth.

Consume enough vitamins and nutrients

Your body will need a large amount of energy to boost your hair growth. Hair supplements are not a miracle cure. So, instead of using supplements and vitamins promoted by companies, you should better get them from your diet.

Natural omega-3 and omega-6 may work since they have the ability to limit hair loss and improve hair density. Besides, the antioxidant from vitamin C is considered as an anti-stress agent,  preventing hair from getting gray and thin out.

Apply essential oils

Studies show that oils extracted from pumpkin seed, coconut, or sunflower can increase hair count for those with hair loss by 40%. You can dilute a few drops of these oils into your shampoo to benefit hair growth.

Give your scalp a proper care

The scalp health will decide the rate of hair growth and the health of your hair fiber. When taking care of the scalp, you are ensuring that nutrients and blood can flow easily to the hair follicle, helping minimize loss and shedding. Therefore, you may want to invest in a suitable scalp oil, serum, or mask.

Have frequent trims

There is an old myth that trimming can make your hair grow faster. Maybe it’s true as you can cut off frayed, split ends this way.

Taking a 2-inch trim every three months is recommended to prevent split ends since they will cause your hair to break further up on the strand. This tip will be helpful if you are after long, healthy-looking hair.

Remember that there is no magical remedy or method that can result in instant growth; the process will take you time, patience, and effort. Besides the tips above, there are other things that you should remember, such as resisting the urge to dye your hair frequently, avoiding heat styling tools, and inadequate care.

Heat styling and overprocessing your hair can lead to the loss of elasticity and moisture, making it become brittle and dry and eventually causing breakage. Smoking, medications, and aging are common factors that will take a negative effect on your hair as well. However, with proper care, this length is not out of reach.

Gallery Of 26 Inches Long Hair For Women And Men

How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair
26 inches of straight hair
How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair
26 inches of curly hair
How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair
A man with long straight hair
How Long Is 26 Inches Of Hair
A man with 26-inch hair

In Conclusion

Now, we think you already have the answer to “How long is 26 inches of hair?” or “What does 26 inches of hair look like?”. And for your information, if you want to boost hair growth and maintain it well, try to have balanced meals, get the proper amount of nutrients needed, and keep yourself away from an intense period of stress.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you will soon have your hair in your desired length!