The Ultimate guide on how to detangle matted hair painlessly for you

A long hair is always a dream and a pride of being a woman. Done, it does not only bring beauty, confidence, distinctions … but besides, sometimes the hair also gives you unnecessary troubles. Typically, you have to spend hours removing your hair when it is tangled.

Tangled hair is one of the troubles that hair gives you. The longer the hair, the easier it is to tangle. The cause of hair tangles and clumps in hair is wind, sunshine or because the hair is too dry, fibrous … Sometimes, lazy brushing of hair can also cause this condition.

Once your hair is tangled, it will take you a few minutes or even many hours, to remove all of these tangles. But not only that, because in addition to causing you to lose hours, it also makes your hair fall and breaks more, the scalp also suffers from that hurts. Therefore, untangling hair is something no one wants to appear on their hair. In this article, let’s find out how to detangle matted hair painlessly with us.

Choosing Products

Step 1: Choose a hair care product. Normal conditioners are worth a try if you haven’t used them yet, but if your hair is so badly tangled, you may need to resort to another option. Intensive hair conditioner is great for restoring moisture to the hair and makes it easier to remove, while the tangled hair conditioner helps to add lubrication to the hair. Coconut oil, olive oil or Moroccan argan oil can also be used instead and is particularly useful for curly hair. If you don’t like the feel of oil on your hair, try using hairspray.

  • Some people use mayonnaise, but this material may have an unpleasant odor and is less effective than other options.
how to detangle matted hair painlessly
Untangle Severely Matted Hair (Source: Internet)

Step 2: Moisturize hair. Spray your hair to moisten your hair, or catch it quickly under the shower or a small open faucet in the sink. Most hair care products have to be applied to damp hair, but if you soak it in water, it will break more easily.

Step 3:  Rub the product onto hair. Use a sufficient amount of product in the palm of your hand, or double if you have hair over your shoulder. Rub the product over all hair sections, including the ends. Rub hair one piece at a time instead of rubbing it all at once to avoid further tangling.

how to detangle matted hair painlessly
How to detangle matted hair painlessly (Source: Internet)

Step 4: Wait for the product to work on the hair. The conditioner will usually finish moisturizing the hair in minutes. For best results, coconut oil and similar oils need to stay on the hair for at least 30 minutes, but not more than 2 hours. The amount of time you spend on intensive conditioner will vary according to the directions on the package, but usually, this oil needs to be on your hair for at least an hour and can be left on overnight in the case of serious tangled hair.

To keep your hair neat and tidy, wrap a shower cap or plastic bag over your head and put the headband on. You can also snap a hat that fits snugly outside the plastic bag for quick access.

Step 5: Use your fingers to remove the most tangled hair that is easy to untangle. When the product has enough time to work, try to gently separate each tangled hair. Sometimes small knots or slightly tangled hair can be split into smaller sections towards the hairline, near the scalp.

Don’t expect your hair to get rid of tangles right here. If you feel tight, stop and try removing tangled hair in other areas.

Brushing your hair: The second part on how to detangle matted hair painlessly

Step 1: Use a comb to comb hair.

You need to use a wide and firm tooth comb to comb the severely tangled sections of your hair. The tight tooth comb and the hairbrush are often easy to get stuck, forcing you to pull out tangled hair or stop brushing.

Remember to choose a comb that is not too sparse that small tangles can pass through.

Step 2: Combing hair ends first. Always start combing near the end of your hair when dealing with tangled hair. Put the comb a few centimeters from the end of your hair and brush it down. Comb until the hair is gone, then move the brush up a bit. Repeat this process for the rest of the hair. If you have long, thick hair or are seriously tangled, it may take up to an hour or more to comb.

how to detangle matted hair painlessly
You should choose the specific hairbrush for detangling matted hair (Source: Internet)

Step 3: Hold your hair up a bit to avoid pain. If you have a sensitive scalp, pick up your hair while brushing. Grasp a section of hair the size of a marker pen across your fingers and turn it a little bit so your scalp won’t get stretched. Brush the hair under the hand, moving upwards when the lower hair has been removed.

Image titled Untangle Severely Matted Hair Step 9

Step 4: Rub conditioner or oil if necessary. Rub a few drops of conditioner or oil into the stubborn knots. Hair conditioner will help lubricate your hair and reduce the likelihood of hair entanglement.

Step 5: Use thin scissors to remove stubborn hair

You may need to trim your hair if the messy hair doesn’t come out even though you tried your best. Pull the hair in one hand and the hair in the other. Use the back of the blade to cut along the underside of the tangled hair, then gently pull it out to remove any loose hair.

If you haven’t combed your hair for a few weeks or months, perhaps cutting out your messy hair is your best option, as it could take hours to remove your hair and it may not work.

Image titled Untangle Severely Matted Hair Step 11

Step 6: Use a snug comb or a hairbrush to complete hair removal

Use a comb to comb until all the tangled and tangled hair is straightened. Switch to a tight comb or hairbrush to remove any small knots that may be left.

Image titled Untangle Severely Matted Hair Step 12

Step 7: Shampoo

Rinse hair care products off after troubleshooting. If you have frizzy hair and severely tangled hair that has been split enough to split the hair, use separate hair clips and blow off one section at a time.

How to prevent hair from getting tangled again

After learning how to detangle matted hair painlessly, you may be curious about how to prevent this situation and make your hair a lot smoother. Read the information below to understand how we can do to avoid detangling hair again.

Step 1: Use dry conditioner.

You can leave the conditioner on your hair for several hours at a time. This conditioner helps to moisturize hair, preventing tangles that may occur when the hair is already dry.

how to detangle matted hair painlessly
Dry conditioner can help to prevent the tangles (Source: Internet)

Step 2: Comb your hair when it’s wet but not soaked

Too dry hair will become brittle and difficult to comb. Hair that is too wet will easily fall out. Find a neutral solution, which is to brush while your hair is still damp but not dripping wet.

Step 3: Plait braids loose before sleep

If you often wake up with messy hair, try braiding your hair before going to bed to limit this. You can also choose a bun instead of a braid.

Step 4: Detach easily tangled hair before washing

If you have frizzy hair or another easy-to-tangle hairstyle, split your hair into sections and clips to separate them. Take turns clamping each hairpiece to wash, and clamping back before removing the clip on the next hair. This helps to reduce the possibility of forming larger sections of tangled hair.

A mild lather-free shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate is recommended for this type of hair.

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Tips on how to detangle matted hair painlessly


how to detangle matted hair painlessly
How to prevent this situation again? (source: Internet)


  • Try not to leave a hairstyle unattended for weeks or months without grooming or care, as this can cause additional discomfort.
  • Oil or oil-based hair care products help to lubricate and separate hair strands. If you want to use a greasy anti-shine product on your hair, you need to wait until the messy hair is removed.
  • An effective way to untangle your hair is to simply look for large sections of tangled hair, then gradually remove small strands of hair to make them smaller. However, this method requires patience and can be very time-consuming.
  • Twice weekly oil treatment can prevent tangled hair.

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