How to dye blonde hair brown without it going green – Full Update

Dyeing blonde hair brown without it turning to green

Blonde hair is great, charming and beautiful but sometimes blonde girls want to try brown. It’s not like blonde is out of date or brown hair is much more attractive, it’s just trying a new version of yourself or coming back to your natural, original brunette image. Anyway, brown hair is always fun to do.  However, dyeing your hair is never a simple and easy process, in fact, it is rocket science with complex formulas, especially from a light hair colour like blonde to a darker one like brown. And, we – Hairdeveloper are by your side to make sure that you will not mess up with your hair and show you how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green. 

how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green
Blonde to brown

Why does your hair turn green when dyed from blonde to brown?

The contrast between brown and blonde hair

The first and foremost reason for your hair turning green is that there are differences between brown and blonde hair colour. These two colours have different pigments.

So what is pigment? Pigment, simply, is the colour of your hair. Natural and artificial pigment are the two types of colour pigment. 

The natural pigment refers to the naturally occurring hair colour you are born with and is genetically predetermined, called melanin. Although there is a wide variety of distinctive natural hair colour, all hair is comprised of the same four pigments. Black and brown pigments are called eumelanin, whilst red and yellow pigments are pheomelanin.

Every hair colour contains all four pigments but at different levels. Dark hair has a high percentage (99%) of the brown pigment, eumelanin, and a very low percentage (about 1%) of pheomelanin. Blonde hair still has black and brown eumelanin but at much smaller levels than those of red and yellow pheomelanin, 5% and 95% respectively.

how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green
Hair pigment

On the other hand, the artificial pigment is artificially and chemically created exactly how it sounds to adjust your natural colour. 

The problem of dyeing blonde hair brown is that brown hair has an orange or red base, while it is a yellow one when your hair is blonde . Unfortunately, the dye itself doesn’t include the essential warm tones to tackle this complex problem. As a result, dark dyes which are applied over the former light hair colours would show their primary tone intensely. 

For example, ash-brown hair dyes contain a significant amount of blue as well as green pigment in order to neutralize red tones. However, an ash-brown hair dye can be immensely overwhelming when it is applied to hair with no red or orange tones. Therefore, instead of making you satisfied with ash-brown hair colour, the dye will end up dark grey or even horrifying shade of green.

As a result, dyeing your blonde hair which presently has no or little red or orange base with the ash brown dye is totally a mistake. You need to be careful unless you want to have unexpected green hair colour when going from blonde to brown hair.


The fact that your hair turns green after being dyed from blond to brown is also possibly caused by bleaching. If you had your hair bleached before, your hair would be likely to turn green when you dye it brown. But why? What are the reasons?

how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green
Bleaching causes hair turn green when dyed from blonde to brown

Bleaching is a process where the melanin of the hair is dissolved to lighten various tones of the hair up to three tones. Since your hair is damaged and broken by the bleaching process, once you apply the colour, it wouldn’t be absorbed in a proper way.

Moreover, bleaching increases porosity or your hair’s ability to take in moisture. Your hair now has many more small holes that allow water or air to pass through slowly, or in other words, your hair becomes more porous. 

So how does porosity affect your blonde hair dyeing to brown? 

While more water and moisturizing products are easily absorbed into your bleached hair, it takes less time than other types of hair to release all of them. Moisture doesn’t stay long enough to nourish your hair, consequently, your hair will lack necessary nutrients. This nutrition shortage will provoke green tint to appear in your blonde hair when dyed into a brunette.

How to dye blonde hair brown without it going green?

If you don’t want to end up with a completely unwanted greenish hair and expensive colour-correction service when dyeing your blonde hair brown, you must be particularly careful in preparation for dyeing process such as: choosing what dye to use, selecting what tone or base suitable for both your hair and also your skin tone

In the second section of the article, Hairdeveloper will instruct you to master dyeing hair process. (( 2020. Hair Coloring. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 17 August 2020].))

Prepare your blonde hair beforehand

Before applying any chemical dyes, it is essential to take care of your hair. When your hair is in good condition, dyeing hair is much easier and the result of dyeing is also better.

In regard to taking care of your hair, you should wash your hair properly as well as use conditioners and hair care products frequently. Moreover, if you want your hair to be evenly coloured, the old dyed part should be cut off.

Select the right and suitable shade of hair dye

Of course, you should search for what shade and what tone is the best relevant for your present hair stage. You don’t want to choose the wrong shade and mess up with your hair right? 

how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green
Select the right and suitable shade of hair dye

Since the results of hair dye can be partially affected by your hair shade, you should pick a lighter shade than what you have expected to get the colour you want. To ensure and guarantee your dye result, you should consult hair professionals or hair salons.

As most deep brown dyes contain green, purple or blue pigments which make, your hair turn green when moving from blonde to brown, you should consider the ingredients of the dye thoroughly in case, you like having your hair dyed into deep brown .

Prepare your blonde hair beforehand with hair colour filler

how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green
Taking hair colour filler

But first, what is “filling”? Filling, also called “repigmenting” or “tint-back” is the process of building the lost tone back to your hair which was once taken out when you bleached your hair or coloured it lighter. 

Filler is applied into your current hair colour before using the colour dye that you want, especially when turning your hair from blonde to brunette. After taking pigment filler, your hair would restore its former tone and be able to take the deep brown dye better.

You should use hair colours with warm or golden pigments as a colour filler before turning your blonde hair to brown colour. Gold or red tones will give you the best results before you dye your blonde hair brown.  You can fill up your hair with a demi-permanent dye or a coloured protein filler.

  • Coloured protein filler is an attractive option for naturally blonde and bleached hair. If you have bleached your hair when you dye it blonde, your hair would be porous and poorly nutritional. The protein in coloured protein fillers will help counteract your porous hair and prevent the hair dye from uneven or strange colouring results. 
  • Demi-permanent dye: It is a great option if you want to get darker hair since there is no hydrogen peroxide or bleach contained in its formula. 

To fill your blonde hair in advance, choosing a hair shade that is at least one level lighter than the intended brown colour is recommended. For example, a copper or red shade can be applied onto your hair to get a neutral or warm brown.

As I mentioned in the previous part, ash-brown hair dyes contain a significant amount of blue and green pigment to counteract red tones.  

Although you need some red tone in your hair to make sure that your ash dye doesn’t show up green in the end, too many red tones in your hair would turn out too warm even after an ash-brown dye is applied. Thus, for ash-brown hair, use a two-level-lighter dye than your desired brown shade. 

What’s more, filling your hair also concerns choosing the colour. We know that some of you are having some trouble choosing correct shade to fill your hair so that we have collected and provided you with information about shades of your hair. 

Desired brown colour Demi you should use
Light ash brown Medium red blonde
Medium ash brown Dark red blonde
Light natural brown Dark red blonde
Medium natural brown Light red brown
Dark natural brown Medium red brown
Light golden brown Dark red blonde
Medium golden brown Light red brown
Light auburn Dark red blonde
Medium auburn Light red brown
Light mahogany Dark red blonde
Medium mahogany Light red brown
Light burgundy Dark red blonde
Medium burgundy Light red brown


Looking at the above table, according to Bellatory ((James, M., 2020. How To Dye Blonde Hair Brown. [online] Bellatory. Available at: <> [Accessed 17 August 2020].)), if you want a dark natural brown colour which is at level 3, you should use the medium red-brown level 4 to fill your hair first so that the colour turns out exact.

After receiving all the information, we bet that now some people may come up with a question: “What happens if I skip the filling step?” If you skip this step you could have to face problems later on. 

Without your blonde hair having the added colour filler pigment, your new brunette won’t have enough pigment to grab and build off which means that you’ll have uneven and unwanted hair colour like regrettable greenish strake. 

Dyeing With a Warmer Shade

Besides filling your blonde hair with red, you can dye it with a brown shade that is warmer than the colour you like. In this case, a golden brown would give your hair kind of a natural brown and a natural brown shade would turn out like an ash brown.

By doing this you don’t have to waste time and money on hair colour filling products. However, the downside of this method is that you can’t get your dream hair colour. So you should think carefully before adopting this method.

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How to fix your colour mistakes?

It would be better for people if they read our instructions before dyeing their blonde hair brown. We know that there are a lot of people frustrated by the totally unwanted green. But don’t worry too much, we are here to help you through the sad reality. Follow our advice and you have chances to fix your colour mistakes.

Apply a neutral color

When you are in the middle of the dyeing process you realize that your blonde hair is turning green, you should stop dyeing. After that, you should rinse out your hair right away and apply the dye with neutral color of the same volume to neutralize the green colour.

how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green
Applying neutral colour

Use the right shampoo

Washing hair properly can also help you stop your hair from turning green when dyed from blonde to brown.You can make a special shampoo yourself from aspirin, tomato paste, white vinegar, powdered lemonade mix, or fresh water and seltzer tablets to correct the hair colour. 

Another method, while washing your hair you can apply a mixture of your own shampoo and baking soda on the parts which are turning green. Leave it in your hair for more or less 5 minutes and rinse it with cool water to get rid of the annoying green color.

How to avoid your dyed hair turning to green?

This is really important to remember. Bear in mind that you must wait at least 3 months from the last time you have dyed it if you want to dye your hair to another colour. Because you have to wait for the previous dye to lose its effect on your hair, otherwise, the old dye will stop the new one from holding on to your hair.

Waiting is worthy, it will prevent your blonde hair from getting green when you dye it brown.

Furthermore, in order to keep your hair moist and healthy after moving from blonde to brown colour, it is essential to use a dye with a moisturizer like natural oils.

These things are necessary to do before you start dyeing your blonde hair. Taking care of your hair after the dyeing process is not less significant. Once you achieve the perfect hair colour you are always longing for, here are several useful key tips for maintaining your sparkling new brunette hair and keeping it healthy after the intense dyeing process.

Washing hair

  • Don’t shampoo your hair right after having your hair dyed. Instead, wait at least 2 days after the dyeing process to wash your hair.
  • Reduce the number of times you wash your hair. Avoid wetting your dyed hair on non-washing days because water can make your hair lose colour quickly.
  • Use shampoo suitable for hair dye to prevent the color fading away.
  • Focus on washing roots of your hair rather than the middle and the ends with cool or warm water gently. Don’t wash your hair with too hot or too cold water since it could be detrimental to your hair and it also make the dye particles float.

Other special care and treatment

  • Your dyed hair is weakest when it is wet so that you should be gentle with your wet hair when you dry and brush it.
  • A hot oil treatment or a deep-conditioner once every week is effective to keep the softness of your hair. Besides, you should use a protein treatment for your hair’s strength.
  • Use supplement vitamins for dyed hair or strictly follow a nourishing diet since the vitamin is one of the necessary nutrients for healthy and shiny hair. 
  • Avoid exposing your dyed hair under the Sun because ultraviolet rays can do harm to your dyed hair.
  • Retouch your hair in 4–6 weeks at hair salons to slow down the colour fading process and natural color regrowth.

Dyeing your hair from blonde to brown is an interesting experience to go through and sometimes unwanted final colour turning up is unavoidable. But don’t worry too much, with our advice you can somehow avoid this trouble or you can also fix your hair with green tints. After all, we hope you guys enjoy the new hairstyle and new version of yourself.


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