Hair care tips: how to fix orange hair with box dye only?

What would you do if your bleaching went wrong, especially when you desire to have such light colors as orange and red? No worries because it is the most popular trouble with dying hair. In this article, we would like to show you how to fix orange hair with box dye only.

I bet that many of you are looking for a solution to your problem and in fact, there are a lot of methods you can apply to fix your bleached orange hair. However, from our perspective, box color for orange hair seems to be the easiest way to try, even for a newcomer in the hair dye world.

What is box dye and how does it work?

You may find box dye a strange term but it is the element that you can easily find in local shops and beauty suppliers. People often call box dye a home hair color and it always comes with instructions on how to use the hair dye. Therefore, needless to say, it is very handy and convenient.

how to fix orange hair with box dye
Because of its convenience, it is always the first option when someone asks for how to fix orange hair. Of course, with box dye. (Source: Internet)

According to Kendra Aarhus ((AARHUS, K., 2020. Ask A Hairstylist: Is It Actually Bad To Color Your Hair At Home?. [online] Byrdie. Available at: <> [Accessed 20 November 2020].)), box dye is typically “a more concentrated formulation than salon hair color”. For a simpler explanation, box dyes are like “one size fits all” pants. It means box dye contains the strongest hydrogen peroxide to ensure that it can break through the thickest hair cuticle. Hence, no matter how coarse, thin, dark or light your natural hair is, it treats you with good results.

No discrimination is how box dye works but it is not the main point when we mention how to fix orange hair with box dye. As a guru in this field, we have to tell you that box dye does bring about potential risks because it is not tailor to each hair type and the results could be very unpredictable.

Therefore, be careful with it and strictly follow our steps to use box color for orange hair!

Why is box dye used to fix orange hair?

These days, such light colors as orange and blonde shades are the new black and people think lifting a few shades of their natural hair may be the quickest way to keep up with the trends. However, ending up with a brassy orange after bleaching is not uncommon and in that case, you are forced to visit a hair salon.

Nevertheless, let me show you why box color for orange hair is effective and how it works. No matter what happens, at least you know some to deal with it.

how to fix orange hair with box dye
When we say orange, we mean the trendy color is fiery carrot orange which makes you look stunning and glow differently, not the unwanted orange. (Source: Internet)

Before getting started with how to fix orange hair with box dye, we need to tell you that your natural hair does not have only one color. Your hair is the mixture of many colors and when you decide to dye lighter colors, your strands may turn into orange. The main reason is the abundance of red undertones in your natural hair that you do not know about.

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The lighter you are going to bleach, the more orange your hair gets. You may panic as if it were the end of the world because it is not their desired color though orange is not bad. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to solve the question on how to fix orange hair with box dye.

how to fix orange hair with box dye
You need to learn this color wheel before getting to the next part (Source: Internet)

Why is box dye a good aid? Basically, when you get unwanted color, all you need to do is to recolor it or neutralize the orange. As you can see in the picture, blue and purple can neutralize orange and yellow tones. Therefore, before trying a new dye, you may purchase blue or purple shampoo and conditioner to take the orange away.

One of the main reasons for this sudden orange is that you do not use enough dye to color your hair. Therefore, you need to use box color for orange hair as an alternative to fix the brassiness instead of wasting an amount of money on expensive salons.

Remember that ash undertone colors are extremely effective to get rid of orange hair color. If they are not available in your area, you can buy any kind of box dyes that are saying they assist with orange or brassy hair.

how to fix orange hair with box dye
We must say this is the quickest way to turn from brassy to classy hair. And how to fix orange hair with box dye is also easy to follow. (Source: Internet)

How to fix orange hair with box dye in 4 steps

In this part, we will divide in 4 steps for you to follow. We think it is detailed enough for even a beginner to do. In case you get confused at any step, please contact us for further information.

Step 1: Purchase box dye

It sounds weird if we start on how to fix orange hair with box dye without buying some box. First, you need to make sure you buy the right color box. As we have aforementioned, a color with ash will work perfectly.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to the number of dye boxes. This will be a disaster if you cannot cover all the strands correctly. For example, should your hair be over your shoulder, you might need two boxes. You may estimate or buy a little more than what you actually use.

Step 2: Redye your hair with box color for orange hair

To make it easier, you may need to divide your hair into a few sections. You should read the instructions on the box carefully so that you will know how to use the product correctly.

Please make sure you cover all the strands. If not, you can get patchy and now, the trouble arises.

how to fix orange hair with box dye
Do not panic because box dye for orange bleached hair will save you from the disaster (Source: Internet)

One more note is not to leave the dye for the maximum time. As we have explained in the first part, box dye causes potential damages, especially if you have thin hair. The longer you leave it there, the more damage you may get.

Step 3: Waiting

In this step, all you have to do is to wait. The dye needs time to penetrate into strands. In order to achieve the suggested amount of time in the instructions, you need to set a timer so that it can remind you and help you avoid possible risks.

Step 4: Rinsing

It is time to rinse your hair thoroughly as normal. Do not forget to moisturize your hair with a conditioner afterwards. There is one different thing from regular shampooing: you should use purple or blue products to make sure orange is out.

That is all the steps on how to fix orange hair with box dye. We expect that you understand how it works and get classy hair back soon. Just be calm and there is always a way out of trouble!