How to get perfect permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Dyeing hair has become a trend throughout these years, and recently, purple has become one of the most popular colors for hair dye due to its pickiness. However, maintaining it is even a much harder problem, especially for dark hair. So let’s discover how to get perfect permanent purple hair dye for dark hair.

What skin tone does purple hair dye look good on?

If you want to catch the trend but still not sure whether it fits you or not, here is the table of which shade of purple will suit your skin tone best.

Fair skin with cool undertones Pastel purple (like lilac)


Light, cool-toned purple

Fair skin with warm undertones Raspberry hair hue (a blend of pink and purple)
Light skin with cool undertones Whimsical orchid hair color
Light skin with warm undertones Lavender hair with exposed roots
Medium skin with cool undertones Indigo hair color (a blend of blue and purple)
Medium skin with warm undertones Plum hair color (a blend of red and purple)
Deep skin with cool undertones Glossy eggplant color

Grey-purple hair

Deep skin with warm undertones Magenta mane (a blend of pink and purple)

If you still can’t choose the shade you like, Dusty Mauve hair (smoky pinkish-purple) will always be a safe choice.

How will purple hair color change your face?

When you are wondering what color to try out for your hair, purple is a unique and safe one. It can go well with all skin tones, neutralize your undertones, and make your face brighter. The key to choose the color which fits you best is your undertones. Remember that the perfect one is always going with the different shade of your natural undertone.

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Do you need to get your hair bleached before dyeing it purple?

If you own dark hair, you would need to bleach your hair to enable the color purple to appear as clearly as your expectation. Bleaching hair will make your hair color lighter than the origin so that the color you want to dye would blend in easily.

Tips for bleaching dark hair.

  • It would be best if you wait at least a month after perming or straightening. Besides that, you should carefully choose the product because the strength of the product can make your hair brittle or break.
permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
Here is hair breakage when choosing the wrong product.
  • A week before getting your hair bleached, it is advisable to reduce the frequency of using heating tools on your hair.
  • A day before it, do not wash your hair because it is better for your hair to be bleached when it is oily.
  • Using natural oil like coconut oil, argan or jojoba oil (when your hair is dry) can help nourish your hair.
permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
Use natural oil to nourish your hair.
  • Once you get it done, it is probably to wait until the next day to wash your hair.

Neutralize the warmth if your hair still isn’t light enough.

At the first time of bleaching, you may not get it up to the shade you want because your hair is naturally dark and has too much warmth. What you need to do is go to the hair salon and bleach it again.

How to get perfect permanent hair dye for dark hair?

Although it is complicated to dye hair purple, maintaining the color and protecting it from fading is even far more difficult. Here is some advice for you to always keep your purple hair in the most beautiful state.

Choose an excellent post-dye shampoo.

You need to carefully choose a shampoo for dyed hair as the chemicals in hair dye makes your hair more vulnerable to water so that it can wash all your color away. It is also advisable to wash your hair at least two days after dyeing.

The criteria to choose the most suitable shampoo for purple hair is that it can clean the hair without discoloring it. Purple hair needs more maintenance, so the shampoo you choose has to moisturize and be gentle on your strands.

Using cold water to wash your hair.

Hot water can make your hair fade faster than the cold one. “If you can handle a cold shower — or at least, a lukewarm one — it will help seal in your color. Also, if you live in an area with hard water, you can get a showerhead that purifies the water. It is a great investment for your hair,” says Graham Nation, UNITE stylist at Ken Paves Salon. (( 2020. GRAHAM NATION – Ken Paves Salon. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 21 November 2020].))

Another thing you have to bear in mind is to keep your hair away from water by using a shower cap while taking a shower. Remember not to wet your hair when it is unnecessary.

Avoid direct sun exposure.

It takes for granted that you want to show everyone your new funky hair color; however, you still need to bear in mind that your hair is too weak to expose it to the sun. Try to cover your hair with a hat or use hair sunscreen whenever you go outside because UV rays can easily harm your dyed hair. Also, you can choose hair sunscreen, which has a lightweight formula so that it will not ruin your hairstyle.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
Use a shower cap to protect your hair from water.
permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
UV rays can harm your hair.

Best hairstyles for purple hair

It is not only essential to have a unique and funky hair color but also necessary to know some cool hairstyles which fit the color best.

Curly hair

Curly hair is a very classic one to try out due to its flexibility. You can wear your hair in so many different styles, and it looks fabulous with accessories like beanies, headbands, head wraps, scarves, … pretty much anything. It can also make you look more charming and younger.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
Curly purple hair makes you look younger.


Ombre hair has been a hot trend in recent years, especially the blend of purple and other colors like pink, blue. It can make your style more trendy and make you look younger as well.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
Trendy purple ombre hair.

Short hair

A short hair will change your appearance a lot as it can make you look more energetic and sporty.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair
Sporty short hairstyle.

If you want to choose a color for hair dye, purple can be an excellent choice for those who wish to have a trendy, unique, and funky appearance. Finally, we hope that you can find the best way to have perfect permanent purple hair dye for your natural dark hair.